Have you ordered the success of your books?

I would not order such a thing. What I have asked the cosmos for is that, besides the words in all of my books, a positive and loving energy may reach the readers, and that the books may only reach those people to whom my books are really helpful and a pleasure. For if I […] Weiterlesen»

How do I know that it is not some kind of dark energy?

You can easily avoid any dark energy by just adding, "to the highest good of everyone involved" to every order you make. But let's continue to take a look at the subject. And let's suppose that you are someone who has changed partners three times so far. Cosmic ordering is based on the idea that […] Weiterlesen»

Isn’t ordering from the universe too much about consumption?

Cosmic ordering is either complete nonsense or else you have ordered everything that occurs in your life anyway. Only, until now, you might have done it unconsciously. Why not order positive things consciously rather than staying with negative unconscious orderings? In the book it is said that happy people respect and conserve nature. And that […] Weiterlesen»

A few hints for better results

Many people don’t have problems with small orders. But when it comes to bigger ones they run into all kinds of difficulties. How is it that the universe can tell a small order from a big one? How do YOU make a differentiation between a big one and a small one? If you are able […] Weiterlesen»

I have ordered a phone call from someone…

Answer: Dear S.: you cannot mess around with another person’s free will. Before I tell WHAT you can order just think of it the other way around for a minute. Imagine someone to whom you do not want to speak to at all would place an order that you should call them immediately while you […] Weiterlesen»

I just seem unable to let go

Question: It seems appropriate to me to wholly focus on something that I absolutely want and desire! Isn’t my total focus nurtured by my will to absolutely achieve something? This has got to be beneficial for the delivery of my order! I think that letting go is rubbish! Answer: Many people have a sort of […] Weiterlesen»

Compared to others I am a hopeless case

Do you have problems with your job? Are your prospects particularly bad? There was a professor in Baltimore who went to the slums and had his students do 200 case studies of adolescents and their future prospects. Here’s the result: The case studies stated that none of the kids really did have a prospect at […] Weiterlesen»

Why won’t God do anything against all the wars in the world?

Why won’t God do anything against all the wars in the world? What if God didn’t create the world, but it just came into existence?! Neale Donald Walsch talks about this in his books called entitled “Conversations with God” and elaborates on God and punishment. Why would God punish us? Only those who preach something […] Weiterlesen»

A hint for solving common problems…

Here’s a little hint for those readers who succeed with their small orders but experience difficulties with bigger ones. A friend of mine who is an internationally renowned scientist, and explains spiritual and mental powers in biophysical terms, sees it this way: If someone has their legs severely broken and must use a wheelchair for […] Weiterlesen»

A few examples of especially successful orders

Excerpt from a reader’s letter “What a joy! The very day I bought your book I placed about 6 orders: I wanted sunshine for my dog walk. It had been raining cats and dogs but the sun came through as ordered. A ball for my dog that she was supposed to find somewhere by the […] Weiterlesen»

Is the cosmic ordering service something new?

For heavens sake no! I am not the only one nor or am I the first to be convinced that our inner state of consciousness creates our exterior circumstances. Most of the schools of mystery agree on this point but simply express it in their own words. The renowned spiritual master and teacher Maikhael Aivanhov […] Weiterlesen»