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A few hints for better results

Many people don’t have problems with small orders. But when it comes to bigger ones they run into all kinds of difficulties. How is it that the universe can tell a small order from a big one? How do YOU make a differentiation between a big one and a small one? If you are able to order a free space for your car right in front of the building, a solution for a quarrel with a friend, an idea for a birthday present, something nice for the day, a nice conversation on the bus, or finding something that you had lost a while ago – why should it be more difficult to order your dream partner, your dream job or your dream house? It all depends on ordering it in that same type of energy that you are in when order the parking space! It will come to you just as easily! I’ll elaborate on letting go and accepting what is a little more in a minute.

Let’s first look at those people who didn’t have any results at all. Why do you think that is? Find the truth inside your head. Do you think that this whole ordering business is nonsense? Or you may think that everyone creates their own reality – except yourself! Do they have a specific department for you “up there” that sends each and every complaint to you? What do you really think is the truth? There’s a good chance that your inner reality will be reflected on the outside.

The great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: “One has to repeat the truth constantly, for all the errors are being repeated constantly as well. And not from individuals but from the masses!” Perhaps you and I have the same problem. We “know” how reality is being created but then… we have our doubts about it. Not to worry, on the contrary welcome to the club! Your best bet would be to “repeat the truth constantly” thus giving yourself ways and means to alter your reality into something positive.


Let me give you a few examples here:
Did you know how elephants are trained to stay with their human “master”? Very simple! They put a rope around a small tree just big enough to hold the little elephant even though they try to run away. After a few months they simply quit trying because they have learned that there is no point. After a few years and several tons on their bodies they could easily tear the small tree out of the ground, but they do not even try anymore! They have learned their lesson; they have a certain expectation and act accordingly as if they would not stand a chance!
What is your expectation regarding your chances in life?

Before 1954 physicians were convinced that the human body would not be able to run the mile in less than 4 minutes. They were absolutely sure that neither the skeleton nor the circulatory system could bear an effort like this and that the 4 minutes were a natural limit. Well, in 1954 Mr. Roger Bannister did in fact run the mile in less than 4 minutes! But while neither the human skeleton nor the circulatory system had changed there was a change in consciousness concerning the 4 minute barrier. Today there are thousands who are able to run the mile in less than 4 minutes!
What are the barriers and limitations inside your head?

You’ve got problems with your job? Your prospects are not what you hoped for? Remember the story about the 200 case studies from the slums of Baltimore? Despite the expectation that all of them would live out their lives in the slums, 176 of the 180 accounted for had established professional careers and all of them gave the same answer to the question how it had been possible: because of the love of their teacher.

Isn’t it wonderful news that all it takes to be successful is love? Love yourself first and make sure that you take good care of yourself and your well-being. If you feel drained and have low energetic levels your orders might not work because you might not hear that inner voice that sends you to the right place at the right time. And even if you were there you might not realize the opportunities. This is why it is so important to put yourself in first place and to take care of your Self. The more you empower yourself, the more you will do things that suit you and the easier it will be to see the opportunities and seize them!

Did you know that the expectations of the person leading an experiment in university studies will influence the result? That’s the reason why most of today’s experiments are controlled by computers as they have no inbred expectations. People who used to lead these studies did not do so on purpose nor were they taught. It is an intrinsic ability that people seem to possess naturally. If your expectancy is that you don’t have any influence on your reality, reality will be kind enough to present itself accordingly.

What do you really expect? Do you know the conclusion of those 50,000 thoughts you are thinking each day? What do you predominantly expect? There is not a single person who thinks solely in one direction, positive or negative. Do you think that two thirds of the time you have no influence on reality or is it the other way around?
Or are you at least open to the possibilities and somewhat neutral two thirds of the time? If you are not sure try and write a thought diary! Put down a few words about your thoughts every hour for roughly two weeks. Be honest with yourself and write everything down. After 2 weeks you will know in detail what your expectations really look like.

You still don’t believe that your thoughts have the power to create and manifest? But you would like to believe it since it sounds like a reasonable assumption? Well, be good to yourself and feed yourself with information that shows your mind more and more about the power to create and manifest. It could be books, conversations with like-minded people, sharing, or a diary with your own positive experiences. The truth shines through more and more and helps the mind to believe that it would be silly to expect anything less than the best from life! Start making a list of your own little adventures and coincidences that give you more reason to believe you have an influence on your reality.

As long as the universe does not deliver most of your orders – even though it is an intrinsic ability of the universe – you are simply not kind enough to yourself! When you feel better about yourself you will understand more about how you function, your deepest desires and fountains of joy. You will actually hear that inner voice leading you to be at the right place at the right time! And all you will need to do is be there to receive all those wonderful deliveries!
So, take better care of yourself and your true desires and needs. Make sure you find the time to relax and care for the needs of your body, mind and soul. Feel the importance of intimacy and quality in all your human relations. Live from your heart instead of from your mind and love yourself! And then watch abundance and joy stream into your life directly from the universe!
Once you start doing what is in your power then the universe will do what is in its power. If you don’t take care of yourself the universe can’t do it for you because your inner state creates your circumstances. As long as you are full of feelings of lack and doubt you will not be able to clearly hear your inner voice.
So, be exceptionally nice and loving towards yourself and there will be more and more beautiful surprises in your life!
It may also be useful to write a diary of gratitude. Put down a few words about the things you have to be grateful for every morning and evening. Your subconscious cannot differentiate between inside and outside and so it will take anything you say about another person as if you had said it to yourself. Whatever you may think or say about a situation: your subconscious will think that this is what you want in your life! A lot of grumbling and moaning means that the universe will deliver more reasons for you to grumble and moan. Gratitude for the beauty of a sunrise, wonderful smells and feelings associated with your day – anything you can think of – means that the universe and your subconscious will deliver to your doorstep more reasons to be grateful. So, be clever and grateful!

“The only difference between a genius and an average person is that the genius has already found the inner light while the average person hasn’t.” Walter Russell (please refer to the website www.walter-russell.de)

Also refer to helpful may be “The Work” by Byron Katie. She has developed a clever mental technique that helps you to accept what IS. It’s a very simple way to find out whether your thoughts are beneficial for you or not. In the process you will effortlessly rid yourself of non-beneficial thought patterns. Katie offers workshops on a donation basis in order to better apply that technique to your daily life.

Plus I just discovered Esther and Jerry Hicks: Ask and it will be given! Read it and do it, you are sure to profit!!

I hope that you got a few hints and inspirations and wish you best of luck and success with consciously creating your reality!