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A few examples of especially successful orders

Excerpt from a reader’s letter
“What a joy! The very day I bought your book I placed about 6 orders:
I wanted sunshine for my dog walk. It had been raining cats and dogs but the sun came through as ordered.
A ball for my dog that she was supposed to find somewhere by the road. She found a beautiful, almost brand new red rubber ball – her favourite kind!
Another order was a bit weird. I wanted the right car speaker to “fix itself” and it worked! I just ordered whatever I could think of and to my surprise everything was delivered immediately.
Some of the most amazing deliveries happened, such as beautiful weather in the midst of the usual mixed and cool Northern Germany summer.
An improvement in relationships with somewhat difficult people.

I experienced what it was like to feel totally safe and secure.
Then it occurred to me: What kind of a play pal is this I am dealing with? How big and mighty is he? There is simply no chance to escape from this cosmic presence! Someone actually listens to you 24/7! That really rocked my world.
Eckehard from Hamburg

Fortunately he recovered very quickly and sent me a couple more delivery reports! Another one I particularly enjoyed was:
“I have a ‘whistling’ toilet which I ordered to be fixed without using a plumber. That worked very well but then I found that the ‘dialogue’ with the toilet used to be somehow entertaining and I missed it. But I decided to be reasonable and spare the neighbours’ nerves. Anyway, the idea arose in me that a ‘normal’ toilet was boring which caused the thing to start whistling almost immediately! Not only that! It would whistle at my wife as well! After struggling with myself and my wife for a while I finally succeeded in explaining to the universe which one of my orders should be accepted. So it finally delivered silence. The receiving office is sympathetic and quite clever.

I assume that the receiving office has as much fun with Eckehard and Claudia as I have so that it treats their orders in a friendly manner. It’s just like any other shipping department here on earth. Everyone enjoys dealing with happy and grateful clients.