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Isn’t ordering from the universe too much about consumption?

Cosmic ordering is either complete nonsense or else you have ordered everything that occurs in your life anyway. Only, until now, you might have done it unconsciously. Why not order positive things consciously rather than staying with negative unconscious orderings?

In the book it is said that happy people respect and conserve nature. And that when you feel happy and fulfilled in your life, you automatically come to a point where your only wish left is to share this with others and help them to become happy too.

I really mean it. I am sure there is the potential in everyone to live an individually fulfilled and happy life. This surely means something different to every person.
But imagine everyone is happy and fulfilled, can you image them killing others or polluting nature just to make more money?

Plus: The closer you get to your intuition and that inner voice, the closer you get to yourself and your highest potential. It is the best that can happen to the world when everybody lives a fulfilled life at their highest potential instead of a frustrated life at the lowest potential.

Cosmic ordering means: You have ordered everything and your outer world mirrors your inner world. Therefore: The more positive you are and the more you care about developing a positive character, the nicer your outer world becomes. This counts for individuals within their society, which is ordering as a whole too – of course.

You still do not want to order so-called selfish things like your dream partner, a fulfilling job, health and a nice place to live in? You want to order being able to help the world by doing something against hunger and war? Great. Do it! Ask the cosmos for help in how you can be of service to the world for these things.

Years ago I asked the cosmos if it is possible to change the lives of many people, as well as that of a single person. What is the maximum I can order? I had hardly thought that question when I met Muhammad Yunus through whom millions of people have pulled themselves out of poverty. I visited him in Bangladesh in the year 2000, and an article about him will is available HERE in English.
I also met Marshall Rosenberg, with his non-violent communication. He also changed the lives of so many people to the better, and made peace between people who were at war with each other. http://www.cnvc.org/
If you want to change the world, yes you can. As a single person you can make a change for millions. Just ask the universe for the best way for you and get started.