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Success stories from readers

When I read ‘Cosmic Ordering for
Beginners' it made me laugh and it made me cry as I identified with all the
things that Barbel talks about.  As I
read her words I thought ‘I know this' – it just felt right.  And that's where it started.

My first trial order to the cosmos was (this just popped into my head)
a green stone and a shiny penny.  Not
just any green stone but an ordinary garden rock type stone in the most unusual

A few days later as I was driving home from work I thought ‘where is my
green stone and shiny penny' and as I rounded the bend in the road I saw the
green stones on the verge – someone had been out and painted them the hideous
shade of green I had ordered!!  I felt
the tingle down my spine as I connected to the universe.
  ‘OK' I said aloud,  ‘now where is the penny'.  I was on my way to the supermarket and felt
sure I would see it on the floor of the car park, but that was not to be.  Instead as I went to the quick pay counter I
looked down for my purse and the penny was sitting on top of the sweets, it
virtually jumped out at me!!

‘Oh, wow, it works'.  Giving some
thought to what I should order next, I tried PROSPERITY, not just
financial but on a personal level too. As I made the order I felt how good
and relaxing it felt to be that prosperous person.

2 days later I won a 42" plasma TV, again I felt the tingle as I
connected with the universe.

As we were connecting up the TV, doubts crept into my mind, perhaps it
was all just coincidence.  I
continued to sort out the furniture and had to move my dining table which held
a large dish of crystals on a shelf underneath it.  The dish was mostly rose quartz but when I
pulled it out from the shelf below a green stone presented itself at the top and
guess what…. stuck to it was the very shiny penny!  I picked it up in wonder as I had no idea how
it could possibly have got there.  I
think it was saying to me don't doubt the universe.

Since then I've had two small wins on the lottery, been given a new
laptop computer, been sent £75 in vouchers and these are just a few of the
material gains that have been given.  But
I think the greatest thing that has happened so far is the journey I have
embarked on as a person and the amazing things that have happened to me along
the way.

This is just the start, I only read Barbel's book in March and now it's
just June. I will be at Barbel's workshop in London on 30th June.


After reading your second book I played with the idea of "ordering" immediately. My first victim was the big, black, stubborn fly circling around me, buzzing and driving me crazy. It was really annoying since it kept following me all the way to the bathroom! Losing my patience, I cracked the roof-window open and sent out the intense order to the cosmos: "Alright, universe, now show what you're really capable of. Make that stupid fly get out of the window immediately!" Well, the fly took two more circles, appeared to think for a moment and finally disappeared into the night.


My mother-in-law loves her espresso, but I wasn't able to offer her one when she came over to our house since I didn't own an espresso machine. During my maternity leave I started to do crossword puzzles to keep fit mentally. One day I found a puzzle in a magazine in which they offered an espresso-machine for the winner of the competition. I thought to myself that it would be great to win since I would then be able to offer an espresso to mom whenever she came to visit. It was quite tricky to solve but after some mental gyrations I cracked the riddle and immediately sent it in. About three weeks later the mailman came with a parcel in his hands. I told him that I hadn't ordered anything but he replied: " This is the prize you won!" Guess what? It was the espresso-machine! [A little note here: I haven't read Ms. Mohr's books, but I have used the cosmic ordering for a couple of years now.]


Good day, dear Mrs. Mohr,

I feel a strong urge to thank you for your book "The Cosmic Ordering Service", and for good reason. On 3/9/2000 my husband (43 years old, non-smoker, non-drinker, not overweight) was struck by a severe heart attack. The emergency doctor had to resuscitate him for about 40 minutes, before he came back to life. They didn't give us much hope of recovery, since he fell into a comatose state and didn't show any signs of reaction whatsoever. For hours I would sit by his side, holding his hand, talking to him. Every day I would go and talk to the doctors, always hoping they'd give some kind of encouragement like "Yes, your husband will survive", but in vain. All I ever heard from them was "We don't know, you've got to be patient". Our three kids were in despair just as I was.

My birthday arrived on 3/14 and I was sitting ever so sad by my husband's bed, praying to the heavens for help! Nothing happened.

When I came home at night I found a colorful parcel in my mailbox, unwrapped it and saw a book. I briefly flicked through the pages but put it aside since I am a realist, and couldn't imagine this book being of any help. Another 6 days passed by with no change in my husband's health. Finally I picked up the book again and started to read – no devour it!

Still being fairly skeptical I nonetheless placed my first order that very night. I asked that my husband recognize and hear me. On 3/21/2000 I entered his room in the intensive care section of the hospital and he opened his eyes! I said:" Michael, if you recognize me, please wink at me!" which he did several times. I couldn't believe what was going on here! Was it just a dream, or was it my tortured nerves? I didn't know what to think of it.

To prove to myself that I wasn't daydreaming or losing it, I placed another order the following night. My husband should in fact speak to me! The next day my order was delivered promptly when he said, "I love you", even though he had a big tube in his mouth. Happy as can be I ran over to the doctors to let them know, but they just took me aside, offering tranquilizers! There was no way to convince them of the truth that day, but it didn't stop there.

Every night I would place my orders, trying to support my husband's recovery! I asked for all kinds of things such as him holding my hand or being able to move his feet. Every time it worked within 12 – 24 hours. Now even the doctors were able to see that my husband was on the mend. He continued to recover relatively quickly and they put him in a regular room. Then the neurologist told me that the examination indicated that my husband would suffer irrevocable damage from the 40 minutes that his brain had been deprived of oxygen.

When I told him that I didn't believe it, because I knew my husband better, he became indignant and told me not to speak in such a way, since he, as the experienced doctor, would surely know better.

Well, I stayed present with myself and kept ordering. I ordered that my husband would still be able to read. The next day I brought him the newspaper and he started reading immediately! I ran across the whole house to tell everyone that my husband hadn't lost any of his mental faculties. And it went on and on like this: he started walking, eating, watching TV, washing himself, dressing himself and all the things regular people do every day.

One of the doctors said that he hadn't seen such a severe case as my husband's having recovered so well in the 12 years of his career.

On 5/11/2000 my husband was able to leave the hospital and now he is already able to work part time in his old job again. He is again a loving dad for his kids and a wonderful husband for me. We still are blown away with the incredible amount of luck we've had, and still people hearing our story can only shake their heads in amazement. I know now that there is a higher power at work – I still don't know what to call it. God, the universe, or even something else… The one thing I know for sure is that I'm immensely grateful for your book! It gave the children and I the strength to deal with this difficult situation. I would be happy if my story served as an inspiration for other people as well, in regaining courage and hope!

Kindest regards, Rosemarie S.


I didn't like my job anymore and thought about asking an advisor to help me explore other possibilities. Thinking back and forth a few times it came down to choosing between three people: someone who was referred to me who had a wide range of expertise, an acquaintance of mine working in a similar profession, and another friend who was a management consultant. One night I was sitting in front of my telephone dialing the number of the first person. Asking for heavenly support I picked up the phone, and… the voice of the second person (my acquaintance) sounded in my ear! At that very moment she had in fact called me and when I picked up the phone she was there! I was thrilled! We had a long conversation on the questions I had etc.


I always wanted to own a pet – a cat or a dog, but unfortunately I was allergic to cats. On the other hand my spouse and I didn't even consider pets because we are professionals and wouldn't even have the time for a small roommate. Also we didn't want to be somehow bound by them. It wouldn't be as easy to go for spontaneous weekend trips to the mountains or even go on vacation. So I didn't think about the issue until this last summer. Then I got Baerbel Mohr's book "The Cosmic Ordering Service" for my birthday. Being the nosy person I am, thinking that "there might actually be something to it", I ordered a kitten. I was quite amazed when a couple of days later this little, playful, and cuddly cat showed up at our door. After a while he felt at home with us, and he would know the time when we usually got home from work. He used to wait outside the veranda door and we loved it! Astonishingly enough I wasn't allergic to him. We didn't know whom he belonged to but figured that his home must have been fairly close to ours.

The weeks passed by with our little feline friend paying regular visits. We had so much fun with him when he played with the chestnuts on the floor and leapt high in the air! After playing hard he came up to us demanding his cuddle-time on one of our laps. We also enjoyed the relaxing times. In fact, it was the best stress relief we could have imagined after a long day's work. After a while Bacio decided to spend the night in our house. But we kept putting him outside for the night since we thought that he had his own home and someone would be expecting him.

So the weeks went by. By mid-December one of our neighbours started talking to us. Up until then we hadn't really talked to her other than to say "Hi" when we saw her in the street. She informed us that Bacio not only visited us but literally everyone in the street and that all the neighbours were just crazy about him. She also said she was sad since his owners were about to go on a nine month trip around the world and Bacio would be sent off to their parents' house in Stuttgart (Germany). We felt frustrated and decided to approach his owners, asking them whether they would consider an alternative solution.

Interestingly enough four other couples came to see the owners that same night, to talk about Bacio's fate! He had wrapped us around his little paw. As it turned out Bacio helped us get to know our neighbours. After sharing our respective Bacio adventures the question arose as to whether we could keep him with us. The owners agreed but none of the neighbours were prepared to take the little guy into their care.

On the spur of the moment we said we would! And so Bacio has lived with us since Christmas and seems happy and content. Needless to say, so are we. Next week we'll have a little pet door installed for him, so he can run in and out of the house even when we're not home. This way he won't be bored during the day and still be able to go and see our neighbour Roswitha for his spoonful of yogurt and extensive petting. Going on a vacation isn't a problem either since all the neighbours compete to take care of Bacio. Things couldn't be better!

This little story has another beautiful side. Bacio helped us to make new friends: Roswitha and Robert who live on the other side of the street as well as his owners Anja and Lutz. We found out quickly that we have much more in common than just our love for cats and formed a bond from the start. We still stay in touch with Bacio's owners via e-mail while they are travelling. Roswitha and Robert have become close friends and we enjoy sitting together sipping wine or tea, talking about common interests. You could say we are on the same wavelength. We have even begun discussions about building a big house together! So my little order not only brought us a cat, but also precious new friends.


Recently I was facing a financial shortfall. So I decided to order 5000 Marks (~$2.500) to be delivered three weeks later. Guess what? I got a refund of roughly 4000 Marks from the Inland Revenue office and I was able to meet the balance of 1000 Marks utilizing a lucrative extra job.

A while ago I started to work with a musician (he's a singer and songwriter), recording his songs. Renting a studio is fairly costly and I pay a share of the burden. Out of the blue an opportunity came up to produce a Maxi-CD, to be distributed by a major company. My share was to be 4500 Marks. I once again decided to ask the "Cosmos" for help. Two weeks later I won 3000 Marks in the lottery, which I play regularly, and made up the 1500 Marks balance with another extra job.


I am the form teacher for my fourth graders and a couple of years ago we were to set out for a week long vacation with "my" kids. The kids' parents were quite concerned with the itinerary of our journey (these kids were considered 'difficult") the island of Helgoland off the north German coast. One of them had already discussed his concerns with me and suggested that we stay on the mainland.
The parents had painted quite a bleak picture and expected the worst in every way:
• They envisioned children falling off the ferryboat.

• They saw them falling off the 100-foot cliffs
• Even leaving the ferryboat with heavy suitcases was considered dangerous.
• They didn't see any attractions on the island except rocks and alcohol.
• Health care on the island was considered inadequate.
• And the worst of all: The month of April was considered too cold, since there may still be ice on the Northern Sea.

Informed of this I sat back, relaxed, and prepared myself to meet the parents a couple of weeks later at a parent-teacher meeting. By that time I had learned a beautiful meditation-technique that I practiced regularly. I wished for a smooth meeting and hoped for myself to be convincing and self-empowered. I managed to convince the parents, saying that none of the kids were considered suicidal, thus nobody was in danger of jumping overboard or off the cliffs. Also, the company providing the ferryboats was rated number one in Germany for safety. I let them know that the island's hospital had seven doctors, one of them being a neurologist. Besides, the island was most exquisite, and a favorite destination as the Gulf Stream surrounds it. The parents' only objection was that we were supposed to leave in April.


A few years ago I was going to write a children's book. I made up a story and drew a number of pictures. There was just one picture that didn't seem to come to mind and I didn't have the faintest idea about it! I thought about it for the longest time and decided to take the problem into my sleep! And sure enough I dreamed the most beautiful picture! Thrilled, I woke up the next morning and could hardly wait for the afternoon to come when I would take the opportunity to draw it!

A couple of months ago my boyfriend went to visit his folks and brought home useful as well as delicious things that parents tend to give their kids. This time they included something new – a giant box of supersoft toilet-tissue (while we' d usually buy the cheap stuff…) – but it was pink with purple flowers! It wouldn't fit into our bathroom design.

Twice he would bring home the same tissue and I never knew whether I should be happy or not. I just didn't like it. On the other hand it would have been silly not to use it, since it was obviously expensive.<

One day, standing in the bathroom I thought that white or even yellow toilet-tissue would be nice to have, since the tissue could be visible on a shelf. White or yellow would suit the shower curtain and the color of the walls!

So when Stephan returned from his next trip he inevitably brought more toilet tissue – with great amusement I noticed that this time it was white with yellow flowers! Great! I thought to myself, and remembered my contemplation of the colors awhile back.


Yippee! Right after buying your book "The Cosmic Ordering Service – Volume 2" (they had run out of Volume 1) I placed 6 or 7 orders:
• Sunshine for the walk with my dog. It had rained the whole day but the sun came shining through. • A ball that my dog was supposed to find by the roadside. She found a beautiful, barely used red rubber ball – her favorite kind! • I also placed some weird orders. I wanted the right speaker in my car to start working again and it did.

I just freed my imagination from any boundaries! To my great surprise all my orders were delivered promptly – even sunshine in the traditionally wet and rainy summers in the northern parts of Germany and some spectacular improvements in challenging personal relationships.

Since then I have experienced previously unfound comfort at all times. So what kind of playmate is this? His hunger and power are awesome! It really rocked my world to realize there was no escape from this cosmic presence. It feels as if someone is watching and listening 24/7.

Eckehard from Hamburg, Germany


Dear Baerbel,

I'm speechless and totally blown away – it works! I ordered last night and I received it this morning!
But let's start from the beginning. Last week, while flipping through the stations, I heard the last few phrases of your radio interview, and my inner voice told me to get your book. I read it immediately after receiving it Friday and then again time on Sunday. That same night I placed a test-order about my job and incredible as it seems, it was delivered today exactly as ordered. Of course I thanked the universe, just as you suggest.


Excerpt from another letter:
I wasn't looking for miracles or "ordering-services". In fact I was looking for a good way to come to terms with my life. Therefore I have been reading a lot of books over the course of the past few months.

Then a friend told me about "ordering parking spots" and showed me this article on your book. "Whatever", I thought, "you have been reading so much and learning nothing. Just have a go with this one now." And that's exactly what I did. I read your first book in about five-days time. Then I read the second one and it has been a source of enlightenment as well!

The light bulb came on while reading the first one but the second one makes it shine even brighter! And it's not the "ordering-technique" that is important for me, but your description of the way to become a good "orderer". And that's what I use as a guideline for my life now. "Make a stronger commitment for your own life" and "Know thyself" is what I have learned from your books and that's what is important for me. You describe the procedure in a fun and easy-to-understand way that I can integrate it into my life. Thank you so much.
Greetings – Mehmet

Baerbel's remark: Yeah, awesome! Here's a reader, who really implements things into his life. As far as I'm concerned he's not only ordering, but also pays attention to develop the awareness of the time of deliverance! I appreciate this and I'm particularly happy for him! Thank you too, Mehmet!


It all started with a "coincidence": After work I once again decided to go into the beautiful town of Regensburg and wander through the city. As on other occasions I found my way to a huge bookstore called "Hugendubel". I went straight to the 2.nd floor to the psychological/esoterical section to look at the new releases. A small book with a beautiful cover attracted my attention: "The Cosmic Ordering Service".

The title and appearance of the book fascinated me. I bought the book and went to one of my much beloved restaurants for dinner where I started reading the book. I couldn't stop reading and instantly knew that I would finish it that night. I did, and then placed my first order for 30 copies of the book the very next morning!

I started to motivate my clients with your book, because I was determined to have more fun with them and make them feel good about their lives. Also, it would promote mutual success at the same time! After all what is it we are all longing for? Little work with a lot of fun combined with awesome success!

I hear most people say "No pain, no gain" or "Money doesn't grow on trees", and therefore this concept cannot work! Where would we be if everybody could be lazy and still make millions? No, it can't be that easy, that's just pie in the sky! Thank goodness for the realistic approach to life and that of my parents made sure I wouldn't grow into one of those positive thinking lunatics! No, my parents, the church and the other social surroundings made sure that I became a righteous member of society, knowing that only hard work would lead to success.

Have any of you heard these words before? Don't most of us constantly think that life is all about work and "making it" and that fun, hanging out and making money were created by the devil? And then we wonder why it is we don't get what we order even though we don't even believe in the possibility! Worse than that, we often experience the total opposite.

Even though my father would have preferred a son I was blessed with loving and caring parents who would give me a lot of freedom. His preference was understandable given his desire for a successor for the family enterprise and in those days a woman wasn't considered suitable for contracting work. The feeling of being loved and worthy of love may have contributed to the belief that I am indeed worthy of my gifts and that the universe would go out of it's way to fulfill my wishes.

Still there are times when I find it hard to believe in the universe's "24-hour-delivery-service" (i.e. in the case of a broken foot), and so I have started to write down my positive results so I can go back and read them in times of doubt or depression.

One of my favorite experiences had to do with an employee whom I had to let go after a short while for certain reasons. I motivated him to "order" a new job for himself. He trusted me, Bärbel Mohr, and not least of all the universe and so he won! A short time after he left our company we had had another deep conversation in an exquisite little restaurant in Regensburg. Later I received an e-mail from him saying: "It worked – I've got a new job starting on Monday!".

If I were a teacher I would not only be proud of him but also be proud of myself.
I thought a lot about the fact that it worked for him while others don't get any results at all. I think this it is due to the fact that he put his trust in the system and I was able to convey the feeling that it works well for me.

The Bible is right when it says, "You are being helped because you believe". There is so much positive truth in the Bible, but it was compromised over the centuries with the idea of suffering. I am grateful that my parents never tried to force me to go to church, but left it up to me to decide. In this way they contributed to my natural trust in the love of god!

Edith Holl-Keutner


My husband passed away about 4 years ago. I didn't feel myself anymore. I could still function but it wasn't me. The day after the funeral I went to the graveyard alone to bid him a silent farewell. Yet I was so scared to go. As I walked to the graveyard all I could think of was "Oh Lord, please send me someone to help and support me. I can't make it on my own". But there wasn't anyone around. I walked along a little creek and passed the school and playground. My thoughts were dominated by what had happened the previous 3 or 4 days and I thought: "now that I need someone, there's nobody here". And that's when I saw Tina, a huge black Great Dane, followed by my neighbor! She immediately offered to accompany me to the graveyard and the dog put its head close to my hips and enjoyed me petting it. We didn't talk much and when we stood by the grave, the dog would stand very close sharing its warmth. That gave me the comfort to visit the grave alone on the days to follow.

Nelly T., Zurich/Switzerland


Dear Baerbel,
Not many know and few people believe that in order to experience success you have to follow a proven recipe! I still have to admit that it took me by surprise when my order was delivered in no time at all. Should this continue I expect great fun in the future. Otto H., Munich
I consider myself a down-to-earth type of person, happy and probably closer to the dog-2-type (as mentioned on your first book). I wouldn't consider myself spiritual or even on the esoteric path. Then a friend of mine who had seen you on TV gave me your book .I remember thinking "What do I want with this book? Why would she give it to me and why this one with such a funky title?" But she asked me to read it and give her feedback since she didn't have the time to read with a newborn baby. When I saw the large print I was relieved that it wouldn't take long to read. What can I say? I read the entire book in one sitting! And here's the best part: it works! It really works! I started with a small order that the phone lines not be busy again, for relief from my indigestion and other of things of that nature. Everything was delivered promptly! Before I went to town last night to do some shopping I ordered lots of bargains and sure enough they were there. I spent about 400 German Marks when I knew that it could easily have been double that without my order for bargains. I was so pleased!

Today my day started with some trouble at work. Then I reminded myself my normal state of mind is to be happy and I knew that I had too much effort into being mad and aggravated. In fact I could feel the wrinkles in my forehead and it really hurt to be angry. Now I can't take your book out of my hands anymore! My friend ordered a copy for herself and her mother. Perhaps this is another order for you to make money with on your book.

Anyway, thank you for the idea and the book.



I received a letter to my (Baerbel's) address in Ottobrunn/Germany, which contained another letter to my old address in Munich, that had been returned to sender. In handwriting it said on the returned letter: "Dear Baerbel, I had placed an order with the universe to find out about your new address. This last Saturday I went for a walk in Ottobrunn and you'll probably know what is to come here – by chance I walked past your house and saw your name on the mailbox! So here's my letter. All the best, Volkmar"

From the letter: …I needed a while to really place my orders but in the beginnig of February I finally did. I am still amazed with everything's that happened since! I received so much that sometimes I have the thought "How will I deal with everything I'm receiving here?!". I gladly accept it as a lesson in being trusting in the One Source and in myself and to just be receptive. Thus I have received several impuses and inclinations, which have given my strength and peace to deal with a couple of major decisions that had to be made. I have gained trust and clarity.

Volkmar from Munich