I am heading for a registration in the Guinness book of records with the smallest shop on earth 

In the english shop there is only one book (a wonderful book for real children and all inner children, in english it is only available through my website) and my favourite CD (listen to a sample).

The book (only available here through this website):

mom 1Mom, who is God

Barbel Mohr

Stefan Stutz illustrations

10,- Euro

Format: 21 cm x 15 cm

Price including shipping and handling D: 15,94 €

Price including sh. and handl. to CH and A: 20,94 €

Price including sh. and handl. to the UK: 20,94 €  (14,20 GBP)

Price including sh. and handl. to the USA: 24,94 €

What Bruce H. Lipton, PhD (Cell biologist, lecturer and bestselling author of The biology of beliefs, winner best science book, best books 2006 award) says about it:

Mom, who is God? is an elegant and profound tale of science and spirit that provides children with a sense of who they are and how they fit into the scheme of life. The magic of storyteller Bärbel Mohr and artistry of Stefan Stutz, engages the hearts and minds of children, enabling them to fully realize how truly wonderful and valuable they are. Mom, who is God? is the ideal primer for a child’s first course in the School of Life.


This book „happend“ to me during a reconnection session as taught by Dr. Eric Pearl. I just saw the complete book in my mind during the session.

Dr. Eric Pearl from says about the book:

„Barbel Mohr masterfully seeds the creative thought processes of our children and inspires them to explore the essence of life itself. With elegant simplicity, Mom, Who is God? encourages each child to reconnect with their original fullness as both human as well as spiritual beings, to remember that we are all a part of God, an expression of Love, and a unique and perfect representation of the Intelligence of the Universe.“

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