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I just seem unable to let go

Question: It seems appropriate to me to wholly focus on something that I absolutely want and desire! Isn’t my total focus nurtured by my will to absolutely achieve something? This has got to be beneficial for the delivery of my order! I think that letting go is rubbish!

Answer: Many people have a sort of hang up here. A lady said to me a hungry person should let go of their hunger and forget about it. If one would need something in order to survive they simply couldn’t let go of it and forget it.
Letting go and forgetting does have two aspects: As long as you are absolutely convinced that YOU are the creator of your reality and that you are in command of any turn the road may take, you can forget about letting go! Here’s a thought you won’t have to let go of:
“I know that I am the creator of my reality and I know that I can achieve anything I desire very quickly. I am already joyful because it is right here with me.”
If you are in fact convinced and it is not just a mental concept (just like Icarus who was unconvinced he could fly), then there is nothing to let go of. Asking to let go would not be needed because you’d be in a state of total trust all the time.
By the way: it is absolutely fine to have doubts and be impatient or have a relapse as long as these moments are a minority.

Letting go will be important if your thought patterns look something like this: I MUST have this or that. I need it to survive and I cannot live without it any longer…” This would create a reality resulting in your feeling weaker and sickly because you are telling the universe that you are basically dead. You would be lucky not to have the universe take your unstructured and powerless words literally. But your feeling of deprival will grow constantly as long as you feed it with your attention.
What does letting go entail in this kind of situation?
Get out of your thought patterns about lack for once and place an “order with universe” that is powerful, clear and full of light. It should contain solely what you want and not what you don’t want! Repeating what you don’t want is like placing an order because your attention feeds that image of lacking over and over!

Let me elaborate on my controversial example regarding letting go and the feeling of hunger. Talking to people who have escaped poverty and hunger in Bangladesh, Africa or anywhere else in the world does share a common denominator: You must be willing to do something about it for yourself instead of just sit and wait! There are always opportunities and other options.

Less controversial are small examples of the importance of letting go. When you are unable to think of a word and it is on the tip of your tongue thinking about it only seems to make it more difficult to recall. Obsessing on the word only makes it less accessible. But if you were to do something completely different or talk about a different subject the word would suddenly pop up from your long-term memory and just be there!
Letting go and relaxing has opened up the pathway to that inner flow where any information will come by itself. Compulsive thinking and wanting is like a barrier that stops the flow and effectively paralyses you.
It’s the same with your orders. Whenever you think you can’t let go just think about the example of words or names on the tip of your tongue and then you will realize that the same letting go can work in other areas as well!