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How do I know that it is not some kind of dark energy?

You can easily avoid any dark energy by just adding, "to the highest good of everyone involved" to every order you make.

But let's continue to take a look at the subject. And let's suppose that you are someone who has changed partners three times so far. Cosmic ordering is based on the idea that this is not bad fate, but that you yourself have created this based on your subconscious beliefs and thought patterns.
Did YOU create these three partners with dark energy? If not, then how could it be dark energies when you finally create/order one for good?

Or let's say that you have only had frustrating jobs so far. Did you use dark energy to get them? Then how could dark energies be used to finally create a useful and fulfilling job for yourself?

I think that our outer life always reflects our inner qualities. That's a natural law and has nothing to do with dark energies.If you do not believe it is a natural law; if for you it is fate and you can do nothing about it – well just don't read my books and don't order anything.

And – who knows – what you fear is what you get. If you get too nervous about dark energy, you might attract it in the end. But even then you can still use the sentence "to the highest good of everyone involved", and you will always be on the safe side.