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Is the cosmic ordering service something new?

For heavens sake no! I am not the only one nor or am I the first to be convinced that our inner state of consciousness creates our exterior circumstances. Most of the schools of mystery agree on this point but simply express it in their own words.

The renowned spiritual master and teacher Maikhael Aivanhov says that the Light is the creating force in the universe. According to him Light should be able to replace all things as if it were dense matter. Even the Christian Bible claims that God’s first creation was the Light. In the unfolding process of creation the word was then the force which would give form to the original matter, which was the Light.
As such, Light is the basic component of matter. Scientists are able to concentrate opposing strong rays of Light upon each other and the results are tiny bits of physical matter (see magazine PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS). That’s not nearly as elegant as God’s method as reported in the Holy Bible but at least it backs statements made there.
So, coming back to Aivanhov and the Bible we can say that, in fact, word and thought are the forces that give form to the basic component (Light) thus creating dense matter. According to the Holy Bible we as humans have been created in the image of God. The conclusion is that we should also be able to create by using the Light!
All teachings of initiation state that once the Light Is invited into one’s inner space one can have anything. Again, according to Aivanhov this can be achieved easily through meditation, visualisation and the desire to have it and breathe it in. One has but to watch the sun rise or breathe in the Light intentionally, store it in the body and utilize it for any process of creation.
So if you wish to lodge a complaint with the universe a wonderful time would be at sunrise for at this time the connection to the creative energy (the Light) is extraordinarily strong. In fact, you are making use of the well-tried technology of the ancient teachings.

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan is the 84 year-old head of the Order of Universal Sufism, an interdenominational mystic school. At the opening of his workshop during Christmas 2000 Pir made a similar: statement: ”People are used to thinking that circumstances trigger certain qualities and defects in them. But maybe it is just the other way around, and those qualities and defects in fact produce the circumstances in the first place!” After pausing for a moment he added with an impish smile: “So, what then would we think of a person complaining of their terrible circumstances?” His bright eyes lit up even more and the small, white-bearded man started to giggle like a child. His entire chair shook with laughter, entertained by such a thought. “Basically the person is trying to defend themselves against their ego, because inevitably you are complaining about yourself when you complain about the circumstances you have created for yourself!”
Pir’s favourite remedies for problems of all kinds are retreats and meditations. During his 5-day-retreats he will teach wisdom and various meditation techniques that will allow you to find stillness and allow your inner guidance to come forth.

Most spiritual traditions are somehow concerned with the effects of our feelings and thought processes on our environment. The Essene writings, for example, dating back 2500 years talk about the fact that we have to first create peace inside our body through our thoughts and feelings before we can bring peace into the world.

The native people of North America believe that our “pleas to the Heavens” only confirm that we do not have that certain thing we’re asking for. To repeat that plea over and over would only strengthen the non-existence of what we are asking for. In order to receive something they merely develop a feeling of gratitude for all that is. Instead of judging what is as “negative” they are grateful for it and look at it as a kind of “remedy” or “medicine” for themselves, as a means for growth and learning. Then they simply choose a different kind of medicine, as they call it by feeling anything they wish inside, in this way sowing the seed for it to come into existence. They induce themselves to feel the desired state or object as if it was already there and at the same time feel gratitude for its existence.

You see that the cosmic ordering service isn’t really new after all. What may be new is its easy accessibility. There are scores of people who have experienced their own mental power, strange synchronicities or coincidences in their lives. Given this, our acceptance and acknowledgement of our own creative power would seem self evident and natural.