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Dear friends of Barbel Mohr,

I’m sad to tell you: Barbel Mohr has died in October 2010. Everyone who knew Barbel a bit better knows what a great loss we have of losing such a wonderful person.

Manfred, Barbel’s husband



Free download available

The book „Millionairs shopping guide“ is available as a free download here:
Free Download ebook: Millionairs Shopping guide


Meet the author – video clip with Barbel

Link to a short video clip with Barbel Mohr about a cosmic ordering result story from a reader and about the „cosmic ordering cards“ that will come out soon at Hay House publishing.

Download the Video for Windows Media Player, for Quicktime or for Real Player (Click with the right mouse button on the Link and select „save under“ – after downloading, you can open the video with a double-click).


Interesting article in the magazine:

Sub-levels, fake and authentic channellings and creator consciousness

Part II: A Completely New Way of Looking at Ego

Rockefeller, Fulford and spiritual aspects of it



Interested in Bees? Watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYTFkZNADls

If you want to know about bees-gardens, built them or spend money for them come again next month. Article is in progress.
AND: We can always order „healthy priorities in the mind of everyone“ Lächelndor do Ho’oponopono over the subject (I forgot, that is another article not yet translated, sorry, will come soon too).

A very short summary of Cosmic Ordering :

It’s not the stork who brings the babies
and it is not fate that creates your life.
Both are created by you. :
But like the thing with the babies, rearranging
your life has to be fun-or it will not work.

Radio interview with Barbel for free download.

Click HERE. This interview is from http://www.myspiritradio.com


June 2006:

The three most frequently asked questions

Article: A bank gives micro credit to the poor

25th of April 2006:

Dear English-speaking Readers,

my english homepage is slowly changing now (more questions and answers will come soon).

Although the book has been translated into 14 languages so far there was little interest in an english website.

Since the newspaper and television publicity by Noel Edmonds in the UK very recently (spring of 2006), this has changed. And so the website will change too .

I just get so many English e-mails now, and I simply cannot answer them. Sorry for that, but I really do not have the time. I have two small children and over a million readers in Germany (I stopped answering their mail as well; it was just too much.) But I have a huge German homepage with much free information and I will step by step translate more things into english.

Best wishes to all of you,


Why would I call my homepage www.baerbelmohr.de when my name is Barbel?

Quite simply, because in German my name is spelled with either the famous “Umlaut” or with “ae” instead of the “ä”. My publisher had a feeling that the original spelling might be difficult for Americans to pronounce and asked me to drop the “e” and the Umlaut! Thus you will find Barbel Mohr on the internet as Baerbel Mohr and as Bärbel Mohr on German book covers!