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I have ordered a phone call from someone…

Answer: Dear S.: you cannot mess around with another person’s free will. Before I tell WHAT you can order just think of it the other way around for a minute. Imagine someone to whom you do not want to speak to at all would place an order that you should call them immediately while you have ordered that this person should leave you in peace! What now???

You can order from the universe that your relation with the particular person should rise to its “highest potential” – in whatever context you may want. THAT may accelerate the process, simplify it or just bring clarity.
You can also order the ideal partner for yourself but you cannot order WHO that person should be. What if an unsuitable partner ordered against your free will that you should fall in love with them??!

I would just order from the universe that this particular relationship may rise to its highest potential and that it may develop in the most beneficial way for both of you. That’s about all you can do here because there is another person with their own freedom of choice involved.

All the best