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A hint for solving common problems…

Here’s a little hint for those readers who succeed with their small orders but experience difficulties with bigger ones. A friend of mine who is an internationally renowned scientist, and explains spiritual and mental powers in biophysical terms, sees it this way: If someone has their legs severely broken and must use a wheelchair for let’s say 2 years, they must learn to walk from scratch!
Humankind is not used to using their spiritual and mental powers anymore. We have to learn to deal with it from scratch, just like a small child has to learn to use its legs for walking.
Keep practicing and finding out more and more about that great force lying dormant inside of you and it will be possible to make bigger and bigger orders. That’s what it means to utilize our spiritual and mental power.
So it is perfectly ok to work your way up from small orders to bigger ones. However, no one can teach you to make bigger orders. You have to do that for yourself just like you had to learn walking.

This is one side of the coin. The other would be that our circumstances are but a reflection of our inside. If something doesn’t suit us anymore we can simply “empower our inner world”. This simply means putting more emphasis on your inner activities, working on yourself if you will and you will see the results reflected on the outside.
Empowering has nothing to do with a guilty conscience, self-punishment or feelings of not being good enough, but it has to do with
* Self-love
* Self-knowledge and again
* Self-love
* To know and acknowledge your own shady (seedy) sides and weaknesses. Not to get rid of them, because you are who you are and you are allowed to love yourself with all those weaknesses. The point is to deal with them consciously instead of repeating the old patterns over and over. Knowing yourself, including all your weaknesses, and still feeling self-love means to be a master in the system. You will then possess such a high vibration that the universe simply has no choice but to deliver, deliver, and deliver… :)))
Not knowing yourself simply means that your shadows will rule unbeknownst to you. You will repeat old patterns over and over and your radiation will reflect this accordingly, like it or not. AND: You will not hear your inner voice which is constantly striving to help you receive deliveries!