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Why won’t God do anything against all the wars in the world?

Why won’t God do anything against all the wars in the world? What if God didn’t create the world, but it just came into existence?! Neale Donald Walsch talks about this in his books called entitled “Conversations with God” and elaborates on God and punishment. Why would God punish us? Only those who preach something like this would punish themselves after all, I feel.

God has perhaps granted us the power to create EVERYTHING to our liking. After all, we were created in the image of God, including the power and ability to create. It would be also our FREE WILL not to use this power.
Simply put, the problem is that we are not making enough use of our power and possibilities. Instead we keep moaning!

I have travelled to India several times. For my video “Herzenswünsche selbst erfüllen/Fulfil your deepest desires”, I went to Bangladesh where approximately 60 million people live below the poverty line.
By the way, the average person in Bangladesh still claims to be happy. The average German does not… You see, the concept of happiness really is relative…
Notwithstanding the crushing poverty, 10 million families have risen out of poverty because of a single man’s initiative. His name is Muhammed Yunus!d

Here is his story:
Professor Yunus is founder of the Grameen Bank for the Poor which gives micro credits to poor people. He started out with just 27 USD which he distributed to 42 families. By the year 2000 the average loan was 200 USD while the turnover of the bank was about half a billion USD.
Most of the borrowers are women (94%) and virtually everyone will get a loan to build up their own small business. Grameen will never ask for any kind of security against that loan! Even though most clients do not even own a pair of shoes much less a roof over their head prior to borrowing the money, the ratio of repayments runs at a staggering 98%! Even in times of flood the repayment ratio averages 88%!
The Bank of Industry of Bangladesh has a ratio of less than 10%! “They are not a bank”, Prof. Yunus claims. “They are a welfare institution for the rich.” In his opinion every single person is credit-worthy. The Bank of Industry is the only bank unwilling or unable to tailor the loan to the borrower.
Grameen Bank is owned by their clients who can buy shares from 2 USD. Even though the turnover is huge they try and save money wherever they can. There are already branch offices in approximately 40,000 of the 68,000 villages of Bangladesh, more often resembling shotgun shacks in appearance. Regardless, the people are very proud because they have escaped poverty and climbed the social ladder to be middle-class!
Internet: www.grameen.com
The autobiography of Prof. Yunus is also available: “Banker to the Poor”

My cameraman and I went into the villages of Bangladesh and talked to the borrowers. We asked them, what kind of advice they would give the poor. Their answers were revealing:
“Every single woman has the opportunity to get out of poverty by using a micro credit from the Grameen Bank. But it won’t help to sit and wait or moan about the terrible situation. Also nothing would change for those who are too lazy to start out small.” Another borrower said: “Some people here in Bangladesh ask the tourists for money. When they get 5 € from them they quit their jobs because that’s enough to live on for an entire month. When after a month or so the money is spent, they don’t have a job anymore and are mad with the tourists and go back to ask for more money. So they will remain in poverty but that’s some people’s mentality.”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! God has granted us the power to change whatever we want and also the free will NOT to do it.
What keeps the so called third and fourth world countries from opening these types of banks? What keeps all the poor people from starting out with these micro credits?

Sonic Bloom is a sound therapy for plants. When you apply this therapy trees or plants will flourish even on barren grounds and grow fruit and vegetables (it’s also in my video). Plants produce three times as many fruit in half the time and the fruit is bigger and more nutritious!
Who keeps all the people in the world from growing their fruit and veggies in this fashion?

There is a particular kind of asparagus in Africa that grows in the ocean. The plant lives on seawater and does not require any potable water. The asparagus is extremely nutritious and the lower parts of the stems can be used to make briquettes or wood. Even oil could be extracted from the plants.
Who keeps the coastal Africans person from growing these plants? I know of one farm in Eritrea but any individual in need of food and money could grow it.

Marshal Rosenberg, who is also on the video-tape, works as an individual for world peace. He teaches what he calls “Non-violent Communication”. In Israel alone he established approximately 300 schools where Palestinian and Israelite children learn his communication technique in order to live together in peace. He is ONE man but his idea is so contagious because he is so full of life and utilizes his God given gift: To change the things he doesn’t like!
Obviously as a lone individual he won’t save the world, but he has helped thousands of people already both in the Middle East and in Nigeria to end a war between opposing tribes.

The ability and power to act as an individual applies to anything. At any time we can do something and achieve great results! Or we can sit at home moaning. We have the opportunity to get inspired by the universe or do without it. It’s up to us and our freedom of choice.
There also seems to be something like a group responsibility as opposed to individual responsibility. For example, in Germany it is much easier to take responsibility for ourselves because the social circumstances are rarely threatening. Obviously in countries with higher crime rates more positive energy must be built up in order to balance out all the negativity so it might slowly fade away.

By the way: In polls only 16% of Germans state that they are happy with their lives despite a higher living standard than in most other countries. In Nigeria, Venezuela etc. more than 50% of the people claim to be happy! Is it possible that the pessimist was invented in Germany and that they have somewhat unlearned to be happy despite an absence of real problems? Ingratitude of such vast proportions drains life and sends them to their next incarnation in India. Perhaps in India they will learn to be happy. Of this I am convinced!

Russian scientists have already found clues as to how we can communicate with the universe and place our orders. They call it ‘hyper communication’. Their research shows that our DNA – where our genetic code is situated – works extremely well as an antenna. The particular structure of the DNA allows for a couple of effects (for example wormholes or Einstein-Rosen-Bridges which were first described by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in 1935) that can pick up virtually any information from inside or outside of the time-space-continuum and make it available for our perception. Two others corroborating the same phenomena are the German physicist Burkhard Heim and the French physicist Jean-Emile Charon. All it takes is our openness because this process happens at any given point in time. Anybody can receive guidance, help, and great ideas from the universe.
Religion would put it another way: “God talks to anybody. You just need to listen and put it into action.”
In an experiment scientists moved a photon through hyperspace as well as an entire Mozart symphony. Any information can come to us from outside of the space-time-continuum.
For further information please look up Burkhard Heim or the “Theory of Everything” on the internet.

There are many examples of how many decisions we make, what paths we choose to take and which ones we don’t. Autogenic training is widely accepted these days and with some practice it is fairly easy to relax one foot at a time or have one hand be warm while the other one is cold. Still there are people who won’t even achieve to warm up their little toe. Just like with the cosmic ordering service they will have different options to choose and the results will flow from those choices:

  1. It’s the teacher’s fault.
  2. It doesn’t work with me, so the whole method is humbug.
  3. I know it works and I will force myself to achieve it at any cost.
  4. I know it works and I will just play with it as long as it takes to achieve it. Until then I will remain relaxed and content. Pressure won’t help here anyway.
  5. I’ll just forget about it for a couple of months or so and make the best of it anyway. There may be another impulse having me interested in trying again in the future.
  6. I’ll find other people who’ve had difficulties in the beginning also and who have achieved something now. They may have a hint or two for me.
  7. I’ll just find out more and more about myself and do what I can to simply be happy with what I have and what I am. Rumour has it, that this should be a fairly good way to grow your internal powers…

You may also have heard of the so called placebo effect. It works very well with some patients and not at all with others. I assume that it has something to do with the connection to your emotions and intuition. The more you tend to live “in your head” the more difficult it will be to deal with the aforementioned things like autogenic training, placebo effect or even the cosmic ordering. In point g) above I am not talking about intellectual self research but mainly feelings and emotions. You may refer to the books and work of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Paul Pearsall. Their thoughts and ideas might help you to get more in touch with the hyper communication.

Now that you have a general idea of my opinion of the subject of choice it’s up to you to decide:

  1. Does Muhammad Yunus have a somewhat twisted look on poverty or why is it that he succeeded in helping 10 million of his fellow countrymen to step out of poverty?
  2. Is it a strange outlook on reality or simply inspiration and cooperation with the universe when someone finds a sound therapy for plants that has helped many hungry people to survive? By the way, the gentleman did “order” this idea from the universe.
  3. Doesn’t everybody have the chance to do something and improve their OWN lives? Is there anybody (except little children – there we would talk about group and family responsibility) who truly cannot do ANYTHING?
I sent a letter to a friend in Africa asking her: Do you think that one should advise a hungry person to let go of their desire for food in order to make space for intuition? She answered that she wouldn’t have put it in these exact words but she did experience certain times in her life where she found that the more panic she experienced the less space for a solution was available. By taking away the focus from her hunger she then would find an edible root or a small bush with fruit on it that she had thus far overlooked. The more self-confidence she developed, the easier it became to find a way out of her situation! She found it incumbent on herself to improve or lessen her situation. She also found it helpful to get connected to some kind of inner inspiration!