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Sub-levels, fake and authentic channellings and creator consciousness

An interview with Daniel Akoudou (www.das-haus-gaia.com) on the subject of the sub-level, fake and authentic channellings and creator consciousness.

"It is first the focus on the visible, and on that which can be experienced, that reveals everything and makes enlightenment and the creator consciousness possible. Seeking in the invisible only takes us further away."

"An enlightened creator only has to set things in motion. The entire life then orients itself on this and generates new opportunities."  

Spam Channellings

What are the typical characteristics with which one can recognise spam E-mails (unwelcome advertising via the Internet) that appear in the in-box on the web?

"Viagra, Viagra" or "Invoice – very important!" stands in the reference.

"Viagra, Viagra" is not an announcement that has ever been channelled (at least not to my knowledge, hihi, although it could still happen), but "very important, follow our instructions", and similar, appear more often and shouldn't be always be believed either.

Sometimes it is clear for almost everyone. If, for example, an "eso-newcomer" starts channelling and can no longer stop on account of his or her enthusiasm. The channelling already begins early in the morning with how many minutes the breakfast egg should be cooked, whether the partner is the right one, after he has just carried the rubbish downstairs five minutes late – better to first ask in the spiritual world…

Every individual whom one meets is more or less voluntarily "channelled" ("Hey you, Mr bus driver," my spiritual leader says, "you are possessed by an entity behind your left earlobe – you absolutely must do something about it.") and no decision is made without first consulting the spiritual world.

A short time later, this person's entire life breaks down – to their great amazement and as expected by all surrounding observers.

It is more than clear that the individual in question hasn't received any "pure" energy, but rather energy forms that live at his expense and nourish themselves from his energy and only present him with 10 to 50% of the truths at the most in order to keep him hanging on, but otherwise talk a lot of nonsense to him.

Where is the boundary?

And what is going on "over there" behind the curtain? How can one recognise the good, or the bad? Does this exist at all?

In the following lengthy interview (few questions, long answers J, summarised by me, given to him for proofreading) with Daniel Akoudou. Totally crazy or the truth at last? I have no idea, but it definitely provides food for thought. Decide for yourself.


Bärbel: Daniel, what is going on over there behind the curtain? Why does the spiritual world sometimes help us, sometimes even seems to hinder us? Sometimes we receive very accurate and helpful information, sometimes outrageous nonsense and sometimes a mixture of the two.

Daniel: To start with, one should be aware that the human being is creation's crowing glory. Not the spiritual world. The spiritual world is only a kind of news agency; it can't make decisions for us.

Those who communicate with the so-called spiritual world usually land in a kind of sub-level.

There are of course pure energies too. There are the powers of creation, there are masters who have ascended, there are angels. There is the higher being, the soul, the own source with which the energies of creation are connected and so on.

And what mankind is actually seeking is contact to the essential cosmic force. However, he has forgotten how to find it and therefore always lands up in the sub-level again by mistake.

The purer the individual's intention, the more grounded he is in the core of his heart, the clearer he is and the healthier his love for himself and his self-esteem, the more ready he is to take on full responsibility for himself, the less sub-levels are able to touch him. He taps into his own source of power or that place to which he has turned in this state of purity.

However, most channellings are not like this.

Until now it has always been the case on Earth that people have all separated certain parts of their souls from themselves. All that they don't like about themselves, everything that they are ashamed of, is separated from themselves. They act as though this doesn't belong to them and as though they are not really like this. 

However, man is a creative being. All that he thinks, and all that he is, already possesses energy and is creative. The so-called sub-levels have been formed from the separated parts of human souls.

This is a little bit like in the fairytale "Momo" by Michael Ende. In this story, the time bandits rob people of their time, roll the time up into cigars and smoke them. This is how they make their living. If people stop saving time, the time bandits are unable to survive. For this reason, they talk a lot of nonsense to people and put them under pressure so that they continue to save time – elixir for the time bandits.

The sub-level is like this. The beings there are separated parts of people (just like the time in Momo), but in order to be able continue to live on this level, they need increasing amounts of human energy. And they collect this by manipulating people.

However, the sub-level is also good. It is a part of the plan and a part of creation; a part of the game. Every healer works with energies taken from the sub-level. Clairvoyant doctors also do this. However, the sub-level is never able to heal. It can only push energies. Perhaps into the next life, or the energy is simply pushed a little in time or stored elsewhere. The purer the patient's intentions are and the greater his willingness to take over responsibility for himself, the more this is nevertheless a good interim solution and healing through reconciliation can also take place. Perhaps a partial healing occurs first and the patient then manages the rest by himself. Sub-levels can also be good and helpful. (Those wishing to know more can find details in the article "Auferstehung des Schöpfermenschen" (Resurrection of man the creator) on www.das-haus-gaia.com, so far only available in german).

Cake is also good, and coffee and alcohol taste good too and are allowed in the game. One simply mustn't mistake them for the staff of life.

Whenever the individual calls out to the spiritual world with the following intentions or feelings, he then lands in the intermediate world and not there, where he wants to be, with his powers of creation:

  • If one passes the responsibility for oneself onto the spiritual world and wants to save oneself the effort of working on oneself.
  • If one has the feeling of being small and that the spiritual world is above him. This is totally wrong for mankind is creation's crowing glory. Many spiritual beings are queuing up to be reincarnated onto the Earth, but only the very few manage to do so. It is nonsense for those who have past the test (in other words those who live on the Earth) to ask those who haven't past the test. With this feeling of inferiority, one will never reach a pure being. The energies may say that they are the archangel so-and-so, but in reality they are only a kind of news agency, which reports partial truths via these archangels and which pays them with energy and which manipulates the people so that they continue to dutifully deliver their energy.

It is impossible to discuss anything with many people who practise channelling because they always say: "Archangel so-and-so said this and that's how it is, basta." In this way, they avoid the responsibility of having an opinion of their own. The archangel said it and nobody dares to contract this. However, YOU may nevertheless have the courage to contradict. The real archangels are not above you either, and you are permitted to have another opinion. Trust in yourself and stand up for your own truth. You don't need to attack anyone else. It is sufficient to say: "Good, it may well be that archangel so-and-so says this, but I am the person here on Earth who decides for myself and I am making a different decision. I want to have so-and-so, but I don't share this archangel's view of things. "BY SO DOING, you come considerably closer to your personal enlightenment than when you are frightened off and helplessly shrug your shoulders and don't say anything, although you know that what has been said doesn't exactly correspond to your truth!

  • If one wants to feel important and feels more advanced than those who are "not yet" able to channel. If one is striving for power and recognition through the messages and the ability to receive them, then one immediately lands – without further ado – on the sub-level and nowhere else.
  • Phenomenon will always be yielded by the sub-levels. That is OK, since it is all just a game and is permitted. But the pure energy and the nature generate more of what is necessary or beautiful in everyday life.

This is because the greatest miracle is that our reality is so stable. As soon as somebody awakens in a consciousness of unity, he sees and feels how his fields of consciousness continually recreate the world around him. For, one cannot stop being amazed at how everything works and is apparently held so securely together, although nothing solid really exists, although no material exists, but rather just pulsating fields of consciousness.

When a spoon bender bends the spoon, one only feels that this is a phenomenon if one still lives in the consciousness of separation. Otherwise one would consider the solid spoon to be the greatest miracle.

For this reason, the sub-levels are responsible for phenomenon because they keep people in the illusion of separation in order to continually feed from their energy. And that is also a lot of fun, permitted and completely OK if one knows what one is doing and is not dependent upon it.

  • The information that people can now ascend to a higher level by opening any kind of door, becoming activated by spiritual light etc., always originates from the sub-level. It is not possible to passively experience the ascent without doing something oneself. The tempting thing about such information is to be able to pass the responsibility for one's own development onto someone else.

However, the comforting thing is that it is not even necessary to become "enlightened". Every individual contains the possibility to unlock this potential themselves.
The individual often seeks among the invisible out of helplessness because he has not found anything among the visible thus far. In actual fact, that which one had unsuccessfully sought among the invisible reveals the focus on the visible and that which can be experienced.

The information that the energies have changed is true. Only now is an enlightenment possible and the separating and repositioning of energies is therefore no longer possible in the way that it was before. The pressure on the individual to take on responsibility entirely for himself thus grows because each of our creations manifest themselves directly and we are no longer able to avoid and suppress them so easily. As a rule, you have already noticed this: previously, non-stop moaning only had a weak impact. Today, our fears become true ever more quickly until we switch over, stop being the victim, take on the responsibility and decide to focus our attentions more on the beauty of the world rather than on the problems. 

  • Controversial and, for many, much more difficult to digest: the information that people have to join forces in order to heal the Earth also originates from the sub-level. On the one hand, global and group mediations are good because people experience their united strength during a meditation. However, nobody has been incarnated here in order to save the world. For: the Earth, which one heals, is oneself. If mankind is healed and enlightened, the Earth is automatically healed too because our environment, as well as the nature of all of the planets, is only an expression of man's fields of consciousness. If people heal themselves, the entire planet immediately transforms itself.

The question is: how does one heal oneself? Only by seeing oneself as the creator of one's own reality and by reconciling oneself with all of one's desired and undesired creations. Healing is reconciliation.

  • Just as controversial: what applies to the Earth (a sick environment = a rejection of sick people; healing oneself, a healed environment) also applies to Mr Bush in exactly the same way. A great many people wish he were dead. However, that wouldn't change anything. He is also only an expression of the existing fields of consciousness of all of mankind.

An example: let's suppose that an enlightened, mature and self-dependent individual could duplicate himself one thousand times and form an own nation. And then George Bush would come along and would say: "Hello people, I would like to be your boss." There would be a simultaneous outbreak of hilarity among all ten thousand and that would be the end of the matter. Nowhere in the country would a George W. Bush be given a job higher than that of a cleaner. And even then there would be the question of whether he would survive the probationary period. Without a doubt, he would never be elected president in this country. 

One therefore doesn't need to heal the Earth, nor to kill George W. Bush. It is sufficient to take responsibility for oneself and to fully recognise oneself as creator of one's own life. The more people do this, the less influence the sub-levels have, the less manipulation is possible on the Earth and the healthier everything would be as a result. The Earth is part of mankind and an expression of its consciousness, and George W. Bush is equally part of the same entity and an expression of the existing field of consciousness.

  • Anyone thinking: "Thank God that I am an academic, scientist or politician and a sober individual and have nothing to do with all of this eso-magic," is again wrong.

Anyone who practices science or politics, or whatever, from the head rather than the heart, equally opens up the floodgates – as does the breakfast egg-channelling-mystic – through the introduction of manipulation from the sub-level.

The sub-level functions via the intellect. The heart cannot always be reached. And anyone who always rigidly uses their head also remains rigidly stuck in the sub-level and is manipulated from there. It is in a slightly modified way, but otherwise one is similarly ensnarled by the energies of the sub-level.

It is also important for those who apparently think in a matter-of-fact way: the consciousness of separation always occurs where the present reality is rejected and one instead lives in perceptions. To be entirely in the current experience, and to accept it for what it is, brings the consciousness of unity closer, and to wallow in the notions of a better world reinforces the separation.

In this respect, enlightenment is closer for those who celebrate life – even if it's for the most stupid of reasons –  than for one who intellectually gets annoyed about life!!!

A couple more aphorisms on Daniel's summary

The sub-levels work best where many taboos prevail and many anxieties are active. They attract the individual's attention to entice him out of his body and out of the experience of the present moment, and he is thus manipulated.

Nature is an extension of mankind's energy. When mankind changes, nature changes.

The new individual is becoming sporty. Movement for pleasure strengthens people's energy.

It is first the focus on the visible, and that which can be experienced, that reveals everything and makes enlightenment and the creator consciousness possible. Seeking in the invisible only takes us further away. 

An enlightened creator only has to set things in motion. The entire life then orients itself on this and generates new opportunities.  

The purer an individual's intentions are, the more he is anchored in the core of his heart, the clearer he is and the healthier his self-love and self-esteem, the readier he is to take on the full responsibility for himself, the more he will become the conscious creator of his own reality and the more he will again find the connection to the pure cosmic power without detours via sub-levels. 

Via the heart and the pleasure of what is visible,

via taking responsibility for all of one's own creations,

via reconciliation with all of one's own creations, 

the individual is able to find that which he unsuccessfully sought by cultivating the sub-level: namely himself, the contact to his own source, to the universe and his power of creativity. 

The whole universe is directed at an individual, whose heart is reconciled with everything. He doesn't need any more sub-levels, but rather brings things into being by himself. Nevertheless, it is the heart that mostly makes other things than that which the intellect alone had previously contemplated… J Thank goodness!

Separation always takes place where one has rejected the current reality and instead escapes into perceptions.

In this respect, anyone who celebrates life – be it for the most stupid of reasons* – is closer to enlightenment and awakening than one who intellectually gets annoyed with life!!!

*Celebration in this case means with a deeply felt, real joy in life. One can also celebrate with a morning walk, for example. It may also be with a party, but doesn't have to be. In any case, it is not the kind of celebration where one first needs litres of alcohol in order to appear to be having fun Lächelnd


And as a further step in taking responsibility for oneself, it is now up to you to decide whether this text is:

– totally ridiculous

– partially true

– or completely brilliant and totally true

– or else something in-between.

It's up to you, what you make of it and what strikes a note within you J. Ultimately, it's always about discovering your truth, and your universe and not the truth from xy-anybody! View this text, as well as my entire website, simply as a source of inspiration. Lächelnd