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Rockefeller, Fulford and spiritual aspects of world politics

This is a copy of a german newsletter, send out in December 2007:

Dear reader,

Here is a special newsletter today, which is presumably not of interest to everyone.

Is is about a rather strange outer mirror of our collective consciousness.

It is about how the Chinese secret society reportedly put Rockefeller and Co. under pressure that they should please, with immediate effect, only work on a new world with peace for man and the environment – otherwise something unpleasant will happen. And they apparently agreed.

I normally don't have anything to do with whole conspiracy stuff. However, this is a bit different and, furthermore, we can make a Ho'oponopono out of it.

The things that take place in this world can only be an expression of collective consciousness. For everything is oneness and connected to everything else (at least from the spiritual point-of-view). In this respect, the more we heal ourselves, the more we can contribute to healing the world.

In the way I see it there is nobody there but us. Everything that happens is a reflection of our own consciousness.

Here, therefore, is the information for those who want to know more about this story:

Benjamin Fulford is an American journalist living in Japan. He worked for Forbes there, but lost his job when he uncovered too many scandals. He received a death threat as a result of one of his scandals – unless he declared his willingness to become a Japanese minister. He was about to agree out of fear when the Chinese secret society (6 million members) appeared and offered him protection. In return, he should go to Rockefeller, Rothschild and Co. (the families who own the Federal Reserve Bank) and present them with an ultimatum: either they immediately stop destroying the world and henceforth only do good in terms of the preservation of mankind and the environment, or they will all be killed within a few hours.

The Chinese supposedly used Fulford as an intermediary to report that, for years, white Ninja warriors had been placed in close proximity to every member of the government. They were prepared to attack within hours and could wipe everyone out immediately.

However, they would prefer peace and to work together on a new world. Gentle power is the strongest power, according to Benjamin Fulford and – despite everything that had gone before – Rockefeller and Co didn't really have any enemies because the world had long been weary of war. They may keep all of their wealth and could receive all manner of support, but just with a shot of blood and thunder.

One would be inclined to think that he had just wanted himself to be noticed with everything that he wrote. Then came the first surprise, which was a photo of Fulford and David Rockefeller grinning harmoniously into the camera, along with a video that could be downloaded from the web free-of-charge.

The next is that the Americans practically made an immediate announcement concerning more peace and, after all, the following was in the news today: 

A couple of weeks ago, US President Bush warned of a "Third World War"  – and alluded to the nuclear threat coming from Iran. Now his secret service is surprised: no danger from Teheran for the time being. The doubters feel vindicated, the Europeans are vexed.

The complete article is available under the URL


Anyone who wants to know more about the whole story will find a free download of a 38-minute-long video in which Benjamin Fulford interviews the David Rockefeller, briefly relates his story and comments on the answers given by D.R.

Here is the link to the video:


The most important article on the subject of Fulford – Rockefeller is available here:


Jeff Rense interviewed Benjamin Fulford for 4 hours. The radio interview is available on the web. Here is the text: http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm

Here is the photo of Fulford and Rockefeller:


Benjamin Fulford's website is:



What do I make of all of this?

I am asked this question by every second person, who has heard about it, since this subject has been making the rounds for weeks. For one thing: I am actually extremely unqualified to comment on political issues and therefore invite you to view my opinion, especially in this instance, purely as my opinion and to see it as nothing more than one of many inspirations.

We can certainly assume that things go on behind the scenes, which never appear in newspapers and on the news.

It is also clear that, due to lack of opportunity, it is not the world's poorest but rather a couple of the world's richest. What is also clear: most of the rich do not have a clue about it, merely a couple of percent do. And these couple of percent are all known to each other and have spent a couple of decades busily networking since – unlike politicians – they are not elected or voted out of office every couple of years.

And these networks of the small percentage of the rich, who pull a couple of not-so-constructive strings behind the scenes, are described as "secret governments".

There is now a scenario that works on the assumption that these secret governments have control over practically everything in the world. I personally have my doubts. I believe that this theory rather comes from the wish that there is someone out there, who has everything under control – irrespective of how bad things are running. The worst perception is that the world is out of control. However, it is possibly more realistic than the belief that Rockefeller and Co. have the complete picture.

Why is it that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, and a few others, were always under suspicion? Amongst other reasons, because the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by them and, thus, the credit interest of all of the world's countries that are in debt to the FED are collected in their private possession. Most people believe that this bank is a state institution, but this isn't the case.

(The FED finances the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which then awards credits to the countries – and the interests wander back to the FED. Source: Griffin "The Creature from Jeckyll Island" – Note: the FED is located on Jeckyll Island.)

At the moment, there is a presidential candidate in the USA, Ron Paul, who proposes to bring the FED (Federal Reserve Bank) back into the hands of the federal state. In the video interview, Benjamin Fulford asks David Rockefeller whether this is planned. Rockefeller thereupon looks somewhat vexed at his advisor and then says something like: this isn't planned at the moment.

Spiritual Aspect

Now there is a spiritual aspect to the whole thing. I have also touched upon this briefly in a book: imagine that the Dalai Lama (or another wise and peace-loving individual) were able to duplicate himself 10,000 times and would found his own state. Then any particular dictator would come along and say: Hey, I am now your president and will tell you what to do. Elect me!

The 10,000 Dalai Lamas would quite simply refuse. At best, he could presumably start work as a window cleaner there.

And if somebody in Dalai Lama Land were also to sell inferior quality food and then put up an advertisement: "Mine is the only cool food – buy people buy." The citizens of this country would not opt for this instead of their good and healthy food.

What I want to say with this: Whether secret or not, the government of a country can only be an expression of the prevailing collective consciousness. All is oneness and, in the same way that no harmonious, constructive atmosphere dominates in a company with a criminally aggressive managing director, the government is also an expression of the consciousness in the system as a whole.

And if the world's consciousness changes itself completely, then the old systems of power collapse in some way.

We cannot use this to say: We don't have anything to do with the bad guys up there. Whatever happens in the world can only be an expression of the world's collective consciousness!

It is therefore also not necessary to kill off the old rulers or to carry out acts of revenge. This is all a load of old nonsense and a waste of energy. It is preferable to support the old rulers in learning the new rules of the game and in using their existing power, clarity and energy in a constructive way for the benefit of the whole.

It is perhaps precisely those who have come through the old rubbish and awoken in a new state of consciousness, who are best suited to rule the world. They have the greatest power, experience and ultimately wisdom too. They are also then most likely to withstand new attempts because they are already through with the old stuff.

Benjamin Fulford also says something interesting about this in his video interview: he says that the so-called secret government often has the best people. For they put pressure on the good people: either you do what we say or we will kill you. Just as has been done to them. Fulford thinks that most members of these secret organizations, in his consideration, are simply waiting for the energy to change sides so that they can collaborate on a new world. It's just that they are simply still in fear of their lives.

Clearly, this isn't the case with Fulford in everything that he is writing about. Further evidence perhaps of a powerful backer??!

What do we now do with all of this information?

I am currently using it for a Ho'oponopono (see "Zero limits" by Jo Vitale). In the long or short-term, I will have to write a book about this in collaboration with my husband. 

What is Ho'oponopono?

In brief, it is currently very fashionable because the Hawaiian doctor, Dr. Len, has healed a whole department of criminal psychopaths. The patients were previously chained to their beds and being administered with strong drugs.

Dr Len didn't meet any of them, but rather looked at the medical files and asked himself how he had created this problem.

Ho'oponopono works under the assumption that nothing in the world can exist without a response being triggered within me. For everything is contained within everything else and everything is one. Thus, everything is contained within me. According to this, I can heal the world by healing myself.

Dr Len therefore asked himself: How did I bring this problem into being?

And then he said to himself: I am sorry. I love you.

He repeated this several times a day.

And after a few months, the whole department in this Hawaiian hospital could be closed because all of the patients were healthy.

We can also do this with mercenary rulers. We ask ourselves how we have created the problem and say to ourselves:  "I am sorry" and "I love myself".

We can also ask ourselves how we have created people, who are not concerned about the wellbeing of the whole. And we can again say "I am sorry", "I love you" to ourselves.

We also could imagine that we would act like them and then we ask ourselves why we did it. Which feelings would we have if we were to act in such a way?

What happens is that one senses the internal need behind it. We have compassion and understanding and once again say "I am sorry", "I love you."

We change the response in ourselves to towards this.

This energy can reach these people and enable them – as part of the same whole to which we all belong – to discover an entire new happiness and inner fulfilment in this so that they want to use their strength and abilities for the benefit of all.

By reconnecting yourself with the oneness you connect it with you. Cosmic single consciousness and inspired wisdom can once again flow into the collective consciousness of the world.

More on Ho'oponopono in the book about feeling (Feel with your Heart by Bärbel and Manfred Mohr), in "Zero limits" by Jo Vitale, here on the website under "Ho'oponopono" and perhaps in an extra book next year by Bärbel und Manfred.

Peace and happiness be with us – all of us.