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Cosmic ordering service

An interview with German bestselling author Barbel Mohr about the 'cosmic ordering service'

1. Mrs. Mohr, what does cosmic ordering mean and how does it differ to conventional wishes?

You could wish for much, but you automatically associate the word 'wish' with the fact in your mind that you can't contribute to its fulfilment and that it happens more or less randomly or even not at all. With the word 'order' you associate that you are entitled to a proper delivery.

Many spiritual teachers assume that the inner condition determines the outer circumstances. It's just that you almost always create your life unconsciously subsequently to your inner expectations. To order with the cosmos means to do this CONSCIOUSLY.

2. You say that the fulfilment of a wish placed with the cosmos works like an order with a mail order company. But who do you place your order with?

To some degree you order with yourself because you do influence the reality with your own expectations.

When you order with the cosmos you connect yourself additionally with what others call 'united field theory' and others might call it 'morphogenetic field' or 'akasha chronicle'. One assumes that basically everything is one and that you are able to connect with the power of the entirety.

I explain the success of so many people with this theory by saying it is playful and easy and is not driven by your intellect or mind. Anyhow, it is impossible to connect the intellect with the oneness. It only works with a pure, childlike and innocent feeling and the more crazy and playful the method, the more successful it is.

3. Can and may everybody make use of it?

Everybody produces an effect with their inner life in everyday life. This means that everybody orders unconsciously in any case because nobody is completely uninvolved in what they experience and what they come across. Therefore everybody can and may make use of it. In my experience it is even impossible that you don't make use of it. The world simply operates as to create the reality with our expectations and we automatically order the expected.

4. Is it possible to order for somebody else or does it work for yourself only?

In fact everybody produces their own reality, but since we are all connected to each other we automatically influence one another with what we are thinking of each other. If for example in a race, a hundred people would think that Heinz A. will never make it, he's going to have a hard time to win nevertheless. He would gain more energy and power if hundred people would think that he can make it.
Hence it is best to support other people by presuming only the best of them.

5. Are there things you shouldn't order or is there a limit to the amount of orders?

There are spiritual teachings assuming that the light is the fundamental element for every substance. The more light (=loving purposes) an order receives the quicker it will come true because it contains more 'fundamental element-energy'. If you want to wish your neighbours technical breakdowns in their home or anything else unkind, you can be assured that the universal ordering service doesn't want to know about it.
The acceptance-ban or limit is therefore not more than our own imagination.