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Amazing pictures

This picture has been sent in by a reader. Her 2 year old daughter made it coincidentially. She (the mother) wrote she is not sure whether it really can be what it looks like. But she is happy to have the picture anyway. I think that is a very good attitude. Not to make any "holy fuss" around it but just to enjoy it. Lächelnd



And I have another similar picture too. I did not dare to leave this one on my website so far. I thought everyone will just think I am crazy. But with a second similar picture I put it back online. This picture was made by a friend of my husband. She wanted to take a picture of the cloud (shaped like a heart) and the little "something" just appeared on the picture. My husband and me and 30 other people were with her when that happend. 



The next picture was send in by Mânia-Antarielle (www.antarielle.de). The musician Peter Bouche is said to be connected with archangel Michael and his fans see the archangel in the shape of the light above him.



If you want to send in any similar pictures just go ahead. kalender@baerbelmohr.de

I just cannot answer any letters. With my several jobs and two children it is impossible to read and answer any letters at all. I have someone who helps me with the office, she sorts my emails out first and I only get to see the ones I need to see. She will have a look at the pics. Thank you very much.


November 2007

A reader send in this link: http://www.mastersconnection.com/community/orbs/index.php?

There is about 60 pages with pictures. Its worth surching them. I found these two for example. Of course you never know if they are real if you haven't takem them yourself… (Check my article about orbs here in the magain as well)

(did you noticed there are 2 faces hidden in this orb?!)