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A Completely New Way of Looking at Ego

Sub-levels part 2 (please first read part 1 here in the magazine, otherwise there will be comprehension difficulties)  

Who is at the internal helm when we lapse into automatic reactions of dogmatism, anxiety and exhibitionism, are unable to let go; when we are reacting from our heads instead of our hearts etc.? Is it ego or our dark side? Where does the serious difference between the two different approaches lie?

Hitherto in the esoteric scene the ego was considered to be a fundamental evil and must therefore be fought against on all counts. "Conquer your ego and you are free," was how the slogan went. The ego is that which keeps us from enlightenment and which binds us to the here and now. The ego is the source of egoistic and superficial desires, excessive vanity; the more ego-driven a person is, the less he sees the truth behind the veil. The ego manipulates the individual and holds him prisoner. It also hinders him from having contact with the spiritual world and from receiving impartial messages from there.

This was the case thus far and for a long time it also seemed to me to be partially correct and logical.

The spiritually advanced individuals already consider that the ego is indeed fundamentally good because it makes our existence in this reality possible in the first place. Without the ‘I' and ego consciousness, there would be no human existence and no possibility to discover oneself, according to the pattern of thinking.

However, in line with this viewpoint, a distinction must be made between a crude ego and a refined ego.  The crude ego is the part of us that loves to pass judgement. The crude ego devalues others and raises its own value in the process. The crude ego loves to wallow in negativity and moaning. "Only bad news is good news" is therewith a typical ego interest.

The refined ego, however, is above such internal conditions. An individual who has refined his ego is the master of his ego instead of being manipulated and governed by it and its attachment to negativity (power, anxiety, vanity, wanting to be more important etc.).

Anyone who has refined his ego has acted from the heart and from wholeness rather than being tempted to stupidity by the crude ego.

This is possibly closer to the truth. However, "Scandal Daniel" (a little joke, but he is currently spreading a couple of revolutionary ideas about), with whom you are already familiar from part 1 of this article, goes a significant step further.

He says, the part that has a tendency to moan and complain, that finds negativity so attractive, that likes to make itself look better by saying bad things about others, that is unable to let go of earthly goods, etc. IS NOT THE EGO!

It is much more our dark side that reacts in such a way. And our darkness is the part that we reject and which becomes automatically stored in the sub-level, where its start a life of its own (see part 1 to understand precisely what the sub-level is).

The more things that we reject about ourselves, and about the world in general, the more we are rejecting our own creations.

However, since I am part of the creation, which has formed the world, there is nothing except me.

Everything that I reject is therefore a part of myself, which I remove to the sub-level.

Each individual has a kind of highest potential and an accompanying energy reserve. The more things, feelings, characteristics, situations he rejects, the more parts of his energy reserves get stuck in the sub-level.

And the sub-level is the level upon which the game of being captive in this reality is played out; the game of being victim, the game of moaning and rejection.

This means that an individual, who rejects many things, who complains and moans about others, who loves negative news, who lives in a great deal of anxiety and worry, sees himself as a victim, etc. is not controlled by the ego, but rather by the sub-level!!  

This is an elementary and important difference, why?

Keep cool, in the event that you should become nervous. That too, like everything in the world, is a pattern of thought and an explanatory model, a further attempt to package truth and reality into words. However, words are actually a fundamentally much too small packaging for the entirety of creation. Therefore, take things calmly, let them sink in and decide what is right for you.

What difference does it make whether moaning, complaining and co. are governed by the ego or by the sub-level?

Remember the old religious teachings, which said that man was born a sinner and could only get to heaven by doing this and that – which was provided by the priest, who had a better contact to above.

In accordance with these teachings, from the moment of his birth, man needed help from outside and above because he was not in the position to communicate directly with God on his own in order to free himself from his inherent failings. This God had clearly made an extremely botched job in the process of Creation, and mankind must now atone for this. And, in addition to this, God hid himself from the people and only granted the select few access to him.

The spiritual community is now a long way from this old doctrine. Or this is what we all thought, according to Daniel.

For, although we have come to the conclusion that it is not only the chosen few and trained priests who have a connection with God and the spiritual world, but that everyone can.

Everyone can and everyone practises it and, those for whom it doesn't work can go to channellors, clairvoyants and co. until they are able to do it better on their own.

This is in any case a step forward because we have begun to dare ourselves to do something, which we previously only thought some religious figures from the church were able to do.

However, that which was previously considered to be original sin is now the evil ego, which is inherent within us. Also in the spiritual scene, mankind is still an individual who has been born with a failing (namely a crude ego), which he is usually not able to deal with on his own and for which he needs the help of the spiritual world in order to combat it.

Ego or original sin, the principle remains the same, says Daniel. We are not good enough as we are and must fight with ourselves.

And it is precisely in these thoughts that the manipulation and disempowerment lies.

If the individual were convinced that he is OK as he is, that he holds all of the power in his hands, then he would be immune to any kind of manipulation.

According to Daniel, the argument – that there is something about ego that isn't good for us – is a manipulative argument, which disempowers us. 

The reality is that the ego should be our master. No other being in the cosmos knows more about us and our healing than our own ego. In being taught to fear it, or to want to cut it off, we are cutting off the power within us. Mankind is nothing other than the extent of his ego.

Now, for a long time in the esoteric scene, the train of thought was: disconnect the ego and talk with the inner child. Daniel: "But the inner child is sad and doesn't say anything when we fight the ego. For we are only fighting with ourselves. No wonder that the inner child is sad. We think it is sad because something is wrong again and we have to go into therapy. However, the truth is that we have only been manipulated.  The church has taught the individual to fight against himself because he is a sinner. In the same way that part of the spiritual scene again teaches that one must fight his ego, which is actually the master and the source of wisdom within us.

However, this information always comes from the sub-level, in other words from our removed dark sides (refer to part 1 to see how it is reintegrated). Irrespective of whether in the church or in spiritual circles, the sub-level is the one that lives from our energy and tries to prevent us from reaching our full creative potential.

A creative individual always becomes increasingly disentangled from the sub-level. It thereby doesn't get any more energy. It thus does everything to manipulate the individual with new weakening ideas, according to Daniel.

In this new pattern of thinking, the ego doesn't prevent us from discovering the truth and from getting in touch with the original creation, but rather is our best escort towards it.

Neither is it the part of us that hold us tight in the here and now with anxiety and moaning, but rather these tendencies arise from our entanglement with the intermediate world. The more we are involved in separation and rejection, the more entangled we are in the sub-level and the more moaning and complaining there is.

The ego is the master, the wisdom and the healer within us. It is our best advisor.

The more experience someone has made, the greater his ego is. A big ego is thus something good and has nothing to do with vanity. That would rather be the sign of a small ego, which still lacks understanding and experience. The ego is also there so that we are able to fully express ourselves as individuals.

The ego is also not isolated, but rather is connected with all people and with the Earth as a whole.

AND: According to Daniel, we reach this only real and true ego….

a)    …by learning to feel good in our bodies and with our bodies. Why? Because rejection, especially rejection of our own existence, immediately beams us onto the sub-level.

b)    …by moving away from thinking from the head towards perceiving things with the heart. For, contact to the real ego is found via the heart and via the acceptance of our existence, via the reconciliation with who we are.

c)    …by relaxing and finding ourselves increasingly getting into the energy of happiness. Happiness is the original creation, our own source from which our ego emerges as our best advisor.  Unhappiness = being dissatisfied with our own existence = rejection = sub-level.


Acceptance, reconciliation, living from the heart and in happiness – this is the key to our own source and the centre of power and creative strength within us. And it is here that we encounter ourselves and our ego, the master of this incarnation.

As long as we reject something about ourselves (our own body, sin, evil ego) and fight against ourselves, we relinquish our power and become weak.

For we need the so-called spiritual world in order to save ourselves from ourselves. It must help us in our fight against our ego, against ourselves.  However, the supposed helper is the charlatan. The sub-level has only instilled in us the idea that the ego is to be fought against so that we remain dependent upon it. The bad characteristics, which it has attached to the ego, actually come from the sub-level.

When we search within ourselves (reconciliation, heart, joy), we will find what we are looking for and will reach our creative potential. For, the sub-level no longer has access to us since we "save" ourselves and no longer need anyone else.

This seems to me to be a theory worth considering.  

There is already a difference whether the ego is an escort to one's own source or the greatest obstacle in reaching it.

Whereby, if this model attracts you, I would like to ask you not to condemn everything else as being wrong, bad, dangerous and whatever else. In part, there are only slight changes. That a refined ego lives from the heart and cannot be manipulated is not really so far from this version. At the end of the day these are just words. What is important is which part of this reaches your heart and what happens when it is there. In this respect, you can simply let this article sink in and pass it on, if it makes sense for you to do so (but please include the complete list of references, see below).


If you should happen to think: "Ah, so the ego is nice, but the dark side is evil. Therefore I am going to fight against the dark side," then you may just as well continue to fight against the ego. Since, at the bottom line, everything remains the same. It is all about acceptance and the end of the fight against something. Think about what you want to be in favour of and commit yourself to it. Fight for your positive character development and remove the ground from beneath the dark side by accepting it, loving it as it is and stop fighting against it!!!

Put all of your powers into reconciling yourself with the differences!

Practical application:

Until now, when we have caught ourselves standing in our own way, because we absolutely had to be right instead of following the energy flow, for example, when we have been unable to let go of something, when we automatically sounded off about things, when we automatically join in to slander other people although we didn't even want to any more, then we often thought: "That was the ego again. That had me totally in its power as I reacted in such a way."

Ego is known as ‘I'. That means that the fundamental idea is that your core is so designed to make difficulties for yourself.

In all of these cases, why not try thinking the following instead: "Aha, that was my dark side again. The dark side had me completely in its power."

Do you notice the difference? It is and remains you because no-one else is there anyway. However, in one case, it is your ego and, therewith your ‘I', the core of your being in this incarnation that is making difficulties for you.

And in the other case it is your dark side that is the problem. The dark side, which you have rejected and subconsciously moved to the sub-level. There it begins a life of its own and has you fully in its power at moments such as these. The sub-level controls you in such moments and whispers to you that it is your ‘I' that is currently causing you damage.

However, it is not the ‘I'. It is the rejected dark side, which has developed a life of its own. It is still you yourself. To this end, it is right to feel responsibility for what you do and also for your own dark side.

However, the thought: "My ego is that which I must fight against and suppress and heal" weakens you. Whilst the thought: "My ego is the healthy part within me, which supports me" strengthens you. This thought also allows you to more easily be the master of your dark side. For the ego helps you to reintegrate the dark side once more so that it is unable to live a life of its own.

However, when you consider the ego to bet he guilty part and fight against it, it is unable to help you to reintegrate the dark side once more. The dark side has fooled you so that it is able to continue to live its own life.

I consider this pattern of thought to be very strong and empowering. I will immediately put it to use and report further…

Source: Bärbel Mohr, www.baerbelmohr.de and Daniel Akoudou, www.das-haus-gaia.de).

Note: I love both of these texts with interviews with Daniel (this one and the one about the sub-levels). Nevertheless, Daniel also has ideas that I am unable to relate to. In the same way, I ask you not to simply just take on board anything, anything at all, that I write anywhere. Get a feeling for what suits you and what is good for you. All the best, Bärbel

Another note: You are also permitted to copy and make further use of both of the texts on the sub-level and the ego (after sending an email to: kalender@baerbelmohr.de), BUT ONLY IN THEIR ENTIRETY including the list of references and the note! THANK YOU!