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What am I doing wrong?

Beitrag von Dominoeffect » Do Jun 21, 2007 12:06 am

I bought the book Cosmic Ordering for Beginners on the recommendation of a friend who has read it cover to cover, employed the practices and has started to reap the rewards. I've read through the book, talked to other friends who have had amazing successes and have been determined that it would work for me too but so far I've had absolutely no luck.

I've never had much luck but I've always tried to see the positives in everything and this book gave me renewed hope that I could turn my life into something amazing but none of the orders I've placed have come about. I've ordered small things like parking spaces and to be able to buy bread that's actually in date from my local store, to larger thinks like a new car. I've drawn pictures, thought positive thoughts and really believed that I was experiencing my orders but nothing's happened.

Is there anything else that I should be doing? I've followed some of the advice on the boards and when I place an order I place my order with the universe (saying please and thank you), really visualise the outcome and have my reminders all about the house. I meditate and focus on the item but nothing has happened. What am I doing wrong? Does this work for everybody and why don't I seem to be getting anything coming my way?

Also, I've always been interested in coincidences and have kept a synchronicity diary for a long time but since I've started the cosmic ordering, I've had nothing! What's going on???

Apologies for the long post but I'm becoming desperate! :oops:

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well, join the club

Beitrag von tashina » Do Jun 21, 2007 9:57 am

I know what you are talking about. So far, it did not work for me either. I tried it with letting go and with constantly thinking about. .....

But what is, if my "Karma" says that those things I wish for, are not for me in this life. Lets say, my karma says this life I should live a humble, poor life, than I can wish for money until I am blue in the face, it is not for me to have in this life.

I am still trying, don´t give up hope, go on ordering and live your life as you can. Maybe something will change.
Good luck

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Beitrag von 240471 » Do Jun 21, 2007 7:39 pm

Hi Dominoe and Tashina

First of all Dominoe - I totally hear where you are coming from and I'm not sure I can be the help you require, but I'll try. Alot of people set stall by the method in which you order, but I believe that it is how you believe you ask rather than how you ask. My best manifestations have come from me asking my granddad ( as you may have already read ). Ok so some folks may not be inclined to ask a dead relative/friend so it won't work for them. I read a book of 14 pages once called "It Works". It tells you to write your list of wants and read it three times a day. Another book tells you to visualise, but no more than 15 minutes a day! And so my list goes on for I've read countless books on this. There are though, common links to all of them. The main one being is that you must feel good. For example, if you look at your old car with a despondent feeling of, "oh I wish it would start first time and its a heap of pooh, how I wish I could have a new one", you are not on the correct wave length to order and receive. If however, you paste a picture of your desired car on the fridge and everytime you make a cuppa you look at it and think, "yeah baby, look at my new car" you'll feel good about it and bring it too you quicker. Do you get my drift? If you look at what you want, but it only leaves you feeling down because you haven't got it, then you don't have a cat in hells chance of getting it. Now before you start to think "it's ok for her, I bet she's got it all", I don't. I am having the humungous problem of manifesting the one thing missing in my life. A beautiful loving relationship with the man of my dreams is not being delivered to me as requested. Why? Well to start with, all I can see is that my life is unhappy because I'm partner less. Then I keep on saying something is missing in my life, so I keep on manifesting something missing! Oh and then there is the desperate part of me that wants it all now, which is a sure fire way of repelling our most wanted needs. And again that is something to do with how we feel. Feel good - attract good things. Feel bad - attract bad things. I feel I'm going on here a bit...and that's not good! There are loads of folks out there who are in the same boat...check out the forums at and ... you are not alone. As for the coincidences...and these are very special to me as I seem to be bombarded with them...don't look too hard, but you must keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You never know, you could pick up a local newspaper and find that there are ten letters of complaint that the shop sells out of date bread! But please don't fret that you are not seeing are pushing them further away. Relax...they will come.

Tashina - I've had the old karma thoughts from time to time, and to be honest, I don't like the concept so I choose not to believe. Although I can't get my head round it, I do believe that we are part living with fate and in part living with our ability to create our own destiny. Too many things have come in to my life when I have asked for them for me not to believe that ordering works. I ask as innocently as a child asks for stuff on Father Christmas' knee. That child doesn't doubt! If I think about it all too much then I start to doubt, so I suppose that's why I choose not to think about it. Make sense?

Anyway, I really hope I've not bored you both senseless.

Ask and you shall receive - always!

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Beitrag von nicola » Sa Jun 23, 2007 11:23 pm

Hello to all. I think one of the reasons why we are all on this forum is to find out how and if others are succeeding with their cosmic orders. I know I always like to read about other people's success - even if it is just to bolster my hope that my orders must be coming too.

I dont doubt that we have all tried to order vast sums of money, a new car, a massive mansion etc etc (I know I have!). I do wonder though if we keep believing, that these things will come eventually, but not by some magic "prize" being awarded. Maybe we end up with the bigger stuff because we took notice of the signs that came along. You know, the small signs that enabled us to take our first small steps in the right direction towards the big stuff.

Perhaps the scenario goes something like this: You applied for loads of new jobs and didnt get one interview, so you feel like your order was not answered for a new job. Which meant you didnt get the extra money you ordered. Which meant you didnt get that new car you cant now afford etc etc etc.

Maybe it was meant to be practice for writing letters. Maybe it just meant that you met your mates in the pub a few weeks later and you talked about how you had written all these letters and not heard anything, then ones of your mates says "I didnt know you werent happy in your job, a friend of mine works at a recruitment agency, they are taking on new staff". Suddenly all the letters you've been writing make sense, after all you would need to know how to write a job application if you were going to work in a recruitment agency where you have to read application letters every day.

My point is that somehow it all seems to end up as practice or "fate" that we did these things for a reason.

Let me give you a real life example of mine (if you are still reading this long contribution!) of how the universe worked for me, in its own mysterious way.

Years ago I went to see a healer. She told me that my third eye was vibrating like it was going to explode! She said I had to find a way to release my creativity. About the same time I had booked a trip to Dublin with a friend. One night in Dublin after a drunken meal we were wandering back to the hotel and we passed an art gallery. There was a painting in the window of two fish on a plate. I loved it. I said "Im going to buy that tomorrow". I thought maybe it would be about a £100 as it was small painting.

We went back the next morning and the painting had gone. I asked about it. The lady in the shop said "Sorry, we sold it this morning for £2000". I thought "£2000!!! I could do that myself for £2000!!". So when I got home I bought a canvas and some oils and painted 2 fish on a plate. A friend saw it and asked if I would do a painting for them. Then another friend, then another, then another. I did not charge for any of these paintings. Then about 6 months later someone I knew of (an acquaintance) opened a contemporary bar. They had heard that I did painting. They asked me to paint 7 paintings for it. I was paid for my work.

I was telling a girl at work (who did not know that I was painting) that I was going that night to the opening of a new bar and my paintings were there. "What do you paint?" She said "I have a friend who wants an oil on canvas painting". My second customer came from that.

A year passed with me doing the odd commission, but nothing remarkable. I was still practising painting. Then a new person came to work for my company. It was part of my job to relocate him as he was new to the area. I drove round with him and got to know him quite well. One day he brought a brochure of a company that sold prints and original paintings and said "Your work should be selling in something like this". I immediately wrote off and sent examples of my work.

Unbelievably they took me on and sold and produced my work. THey were the largest agent in the UK. My work sells in the UK, Ireland and America.

I now work for myself and I LOVE, yes absolutely LOVE what I do. I have sold a painting for £1500 so Im getting near the £2000 Dublin mark!
(I only mention a figure here as an example of things taking time to come to fruition)

I apologise for the long windedness of this but what I am trying to say is that things do seem to happen for a reason, as if its all part of a master plan somehow.

Dont be despondent, just keep looking for clues and signs. Some say that the synchronicities are the universe's way of showing us we are on the right path. If you arenot getting any, try a change of direction.

I hope that helps. I think we would all agree that depending on our mood, we can feel off/on with how well our ordering is working, but I also think that once you start doing it, you are hooked! I am and I am really enjoying this voyage of discovery, its truly a fascinating experience.


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Painless birth

Beitrag von Tinkerbell100 » Fr Jan 18, 2008 6:15 pm

Thought i would tell you my sisters success story.

She was pregnant with her second child and not long before she was due she asked for a painless birth. Well she got one. She ended up having a C section and out popped little Lucy with no hassel at all.

She said next time she orders she will try to be a little more percise. :)

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You are all so cute.

Beitrag von bigredrassler » Do Feb 12, 2009 6:56 am

I looked up Cosmic ordering success stories on the interweb and found this forum. After reading all four pages I couldn't help but think how amazing you all are. I have been using Cosmic Ordering/Law of Attraction/Law of Abraham for a few years now. I have to say, I have had successes from manifesting a 160 dollar sale for my wife to getting in to a house on the lake(always been my dream, and I will get back to the lake eventually). When I got to the long list of "signs" that many of you listed, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I went ahead and registered(which was a neat trick since I don't sprichen ze Deutch). You are all masters, you have learned the secret to manifesting everything you could ever want, and you use it to see rainbows and car lisence plates. You can create miracles, heal yourself and others of dis-ease, and put yourself in a lifestyle of absolute abundance. I love you all with all the love that God/Great Spirit/Universe has put in my heart, but for the love of the omnipotent divine within you all, dream BIG. Pick something that others would think is impossible, millions or billions of your country's currency, relationships so good you want to cry tears of joy every day, the job of your dreams, and manifest that. As far as doubting your signs, or doubting that you deserve great things because of Karma, lmao. Have unwaivering faith, your signs are there wether you believe them or not, wether you see them or not. Reminds me of the old joke about a religious man trapped in a flood, climbing to his roof and praying for rescue. A boat comes along and the man sends it away saying "God will rescue me." A second boat comes, but again the man sends it away. Then a helicopter comes, but the man still waits for God to rescue him. The man drowns and gets to heaven and asks "God, why didn't you rescue me?" God says, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter." As far as Karma, Karma ties us to the earth, if you have not lived a balanced life, or past life, you must remain on earth, that means you have to do as much good as bad to have a balanced life. Funny, don't you think? And for the two who have been trying but it hasn't been working, I sense two problems, maybe each of you has one of these or maybe you both have both. First, feelings. When you visualize, feel what you would feel like if it were true. Imagine yourself smiling and yelling and pumping your fist as you speed down the highway in your new convertible. Second, don't "want". You keep feeling want and desire, you manifest more want and desire, just intend something, then don't worry about it. You ordered it from a catalog, paid for it, and got the shipping confirmation in your e-mail, so don't wonder what it would be like IF you got it and think about how much you WISH you had it. Accept that it is on its way and let it go. Love to all, and may your wildest dreams be manifested in the next week.

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Beitrag von Catherine » Mi Jun 03, 2009 1:42 pm

[quote="nicola"]I thought I would start a new topic where we can share any cosmic ordering success stories.

I know I would love to read about any, that ANY of you reading this have had."

Hello everyone,
I have two stories to share. The first is about my elder son. He was 4 weeks old and 'died' from SIDS. We found him not breathing and his heart stopped but did CPR for some time and revived him. It took only 3 minutes for 2 ambulances to arrive at our house and our son was in hospital within 30 mimutes of us finding him. He was lethargic, uninterested in feeding, and barely able to be woken for most of the next 24 hours. I was frantic with worry and convinced that I had just doomed my darling little boy to a life of agony due to oxygen deprivation. I am not a conventionally religious person, but I don't think there was a minute went by that I didn't plead with the universe to make my son be alright. 3 days later I was driving from the hospital to my parents home to see our daugher who refused to come to the hospital. I was desperate to see her, but agonised at leaving my son's side. As I drove I was saying over and over again, Please let my son be alright, please let my son be alright. please let my son be alright... I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of intense light and joy, and I knew that he Was alright, as though someone had come into the car with me and put their arms round me and told me that everything was now fine. When I arrived back at the hospital some 3 hours later my son was alert and demanding to be fed. Thereafter he did everything babies are supposed to do early, he rolled over early, he insisted on putting the plug into the plughole in the bath before he could even sit properly, he crawled early, he walked early, he did Lego with the instruction book before he was 18 months short he was more than alright. He is now an airline pilot, big and strong and wonderful. I haven't stopped thanking the universe since.

The other story involves my daugher's mother-in-law. She asked her second husband to leave after their relationship became intolerable and spent some years alone and having several unsatisfactory relationships. She is the same age as me and we are good friends. On her birthday two years ago I sent her a birthday card and in it I wished her a happy birthday, and I said " and this year I hope some wonderful, handsome, rich and intelligent man comes along who will worship the ground you walk on." She read the card and smiled apparently and put it on her fridge with a magnet. Two weeks later she took the card off the fridge, read it out loud, and said, 'yes, that's just what I want!' Two weeks later a tall handsome intelligent (and rich!) judge came along, adored her, swept her off her feet and they have now been married for just over a year!

How are they for cosmic ordering? I also think that truly honest gratitude for what you have already and for what you receive is essential.

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Beitrag von bluejupiter » Do Jun 04, 2009 11:55 am

That sounds just so nice - thanks for the great experiences ! I'm glad someone wrote something in the English area :wink:
Julia Nastasi
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