Whats the Film "The Secret" about?

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Since starting my own forum on cosmic ordering, I've become aware of a lot of simlar ideas where the concept of "ask and you shall receive" seems to be an important factor. Most notable are Angels and the law of attraction (recently spotlighted in the dvd called "the Secret").

The temptation is to come down heavily in favour of using one of these methods, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that they are all fundamentally addressing the same source from a slightly different perspective. This, to me, is a really exciting revelation as it would suggest that there is a very real, positive and giving energy that is there for all of us to tap into if we just take a leap of faith and accept it.

I feel that if you were to strip away all of the dogma and ceremony, most, if not all of the major belief systems, would be based on the same positive energy. There seems to be an almost universal belief in divine messengers or angels and love is the central theme. The danger comes when factions form and start promoting their ideas above and beyond others. This starts the basis for prejudice and discrimination which eats into the positive core. From this point on, a spiral of negativity forms which feeds on hatred and fear leading to war and conflict.

When I read the postings on sites like this and my own forum, it gives me hope that there is a growing acceptance in a fundamentally positive force. It's not judgemental, won't interfere with free will and will not demand acceptance of it's existence. However, if you choose to accept it's existence and ask, it will be there for you - call it cosmic ordering, angelic intervention, the law of attraction or any other name, the key to the door is positivity.
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I am by no means religious but thats were ask and you shall receive comes from. Much of this stuff can be linked to the Bible if you wish to pursue this avenue of thought. I've always believed that the spirit world answers my requests, but thats just my thoughts. An open mind is good I feel. But whoever grants our wishes, aren't we lucky. :D

Ask and you shall receive - always!

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I agree, a lot of the ideas are reflected in the Christian Bible, and judging from feedback I've received, they also seem to be readily acceptable to people accross a wide spectrum of faiths and denominations :D. To me this seems to point towards an underlying, fundamental and universal idea at the root of all faith. Unfortunately it would seem that it's human nature to highlight the differences rather than recognise the unifying forces in the world :(