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Beitrag von maddy777 » Sa Jan 06, 2007 10:20 am

Actually what it says is that if you TITHE (give 10% of your earnings) to a person/group/company who have assisted YOU on your spiritual journey (not giving to churches or charities UNLESS they have helped you develop spiritually) you will get that 10% back TENFOLD. No where have I read that you will be unsuccessful if you DON'T tithe. Just you will have more success if you do Tithe.(All they are saying is that by tithing you are giving to the universe and keeping the flow of energy open). It doesn't say you have to give all 10% to one person, you could spread it out to all the authors of books who have helped you on your path, or donate it to your local spiritualist church, or send it to a website that has helped you learn and grow. Or split it up and send a little to each!!

Maybe you just need to re-read the tithing section again to get the hang of it? I am not saying you should tithe either, you have to do what FEELS right for you. If it doesn't FEEL right it won't work