World-wide Wealth in Harmony with Nature

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World-wide Wealth in Harmony with Nature

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A story by Bernd Hueckstaedt
The Encounter
Recently I had a dream, or rather a
daydream. I went for a walk in a forest and
enjoyed the nature around me. Suddenly I
noticed someone walking light-footed next to
me. He was about two meters tall, dark-skinned,
and had an athletic figure. He was dressed in a
kind of gold coloured jogging-outfit. Although
he looked like a human, he didn’t seem to be of
this world. He wore such a happy and cheerful
look that you seldom find in our world. When I
looked at him I had to laugh spontaneously. It
was a hearty, happy laugh, pure joy at the sight
of this friendly companion.
“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to laugh at you”, I
explained when I had regained myself. “ I’m just
surprised at your sudden appearance.” “That’s a
common reaction of most people on this planet”,
he replied amiably. “Most humans react like
you, only a few run away or turn aggressive.”
“Then you are not from here?” I asked
disconcertedly. “I come from Joytopia, a state on
the planet Freegaia on the edge of the galaxy. A
jump through the space-time-continuum brought
me here. My name is Goodfriend, Very
“How did you learn our language so
quickly?” “We are communicating through
telepathy. We transmit our thoughts and our
brain translates them into our language. It
functions also with pictures, sounds, smells, and
emotions. See...”
I didn’t see anything. He had disappeared.
Astonished and deeply moved I went on. Did I
just imagine all that? Maybe I should go and see
a doctor? I’d better not tell anyone and forget the
incident as quickly as possible.
“I brought something for you, a present!” I
heard Very say. “Where were you all of a
sudden?” “I just went home to get something for
“Doesn’t that take years? I mean, the highest
attainable velocity...” “We travel in thoughts.
Thoughts are known to be free. Space-andtime-
boundaries only exist when they are
invented. We used to invent many boundaries.
Our limited thinking had shaped our planet in
a similar way to how the human race is
shaping your planet. Try it yourself, you see
me because you think you see me.” While he
said that, a bicycle rider approached us. He
gave a short greeting and drove right through
Very. “Do you understand now?” Very
asked “Yes.”
“I brought something for you, a thought.”
“What kind of thought?”
“The thought, that everything you can
imagine is possible. Everything that you think
becomes a reality. Everything you wish for
will happen if you can imagine it.” “Then I
wish for ten million Marks.” “OK” “What do
you mean, OK? That’s going to work? I can’t
imagine.” “Exactly!” I was ashamed.
“Others could imagine it and
became millionaires. Perhaps it’s not
your wish to be a millionaire. What is
your most ardent wish?” “That all
people were rich and everyone could do
as his heart desires without hurting
other people or nature.”
“I propose a journey. We have already
reached that goal on our planet Freegaia.
You only have to witness it and spread the
idea on earth. That is our present to the
human race.”
“How can I travel through the space-timewhat-
d’you-call-it?” “Just imagine it, I will
accompany you.”
It was strange It seemed that I was in two
places at the same time: while one part of me
walked through the woods, the other part flew
with Very through the universe.
Weapproached a solar system and soon it
floated within range: Freegaia, a beautiful blue
planet resembling our earth. Softly we
immersed in the atmosphere and landed in a
beautiful park that looked like a huge English
garden. The plants gave off a wonderful
fragrance. Off and on a mall aircraft would
scurry almost soundless over ourheads. But
there: among the plants stood houses. They
were nothing like our houses, they were
integrated into nature in such a way that they
were hardly recognisable as houses. The
people that met us greeted us in a friendly
way. They seemed to be happy. People and
nature lived together in harmony.
“How did you achieve all that? Can you
tell me something about your technology?”
“Technology was never a problem,” Very
said. The problem we had to solve had its
roots in the mentality of the inhabitants and
in the economy. Our ancestors built an
economic system based on deficiencythinking
that was characterised by
competition. Since then, our economy is
based on abundance, wealth, and love for
nature and all that exists.”
Very gave me a short outline of his
planet’s history: A long time ago, a few
robbing, murdering carnivores (Ramuca)
assumed the power by killing the weak and
taking away their fundamentals. To prevent
the Ramuca from eating each other, massive
lawbooks were written in which every detail
was regulated. The Ramuca didn’t have a
sufficient amount of reason and ethics to live
peacefully with each other. The lawbooks
also contained practical instructions such as
“Thou shall not kill”. The Ramuca had to be
explicitly told! During the raids of the
Ramuca these laws were either invalidated
or the opponents were defined as “savages”
who had to be conformed through missions
or simply exterminated. After the raids,
“humane” Ramuca introduced equal
Ramuca-law for all. Hence they established
stability and fortified the new balance of

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