Everything I've ever wished for has been mine.

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Everything I've ever wished for has been mine.

Beitrag von MissFriendly » So Jun 24, 2007 9:19 pm

First, I've not read the book yet - I'd never heard of it until I picked up an abandoned magazine on the tube last week - but I guess I've been unconsciously using cosmic ordering from a very young age.

Everything I've ever wished for in life has come to me & not always in a good way. It's something I've kept very much to myself...

Even something as stupid as wishing I could work for my favourite world-famous band when I was 8 years old, and that we'd become good friends - 20 years later, I ended up working for them (& we were good friends for a while).

The men I really like, & wish to have relationships with - they always end up chasing me like headless chickens around 2 or 3 years after I've given up on them. I mean, I still have the three guys I was crushing on when I was at secondary school calling me up & dropping me mails some 20 years after we've left.

I remember wishing so hard and so sincerely for all this.... & I got exactly what I wanted - just not in a way or in a timescale I could have ever anticipated.

Going to read about others experiences now, but anyone else here think they may have been cosmic ordering without even knowing what it was?

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Beitrag von 240471 » Di Jun 26, 2007 6:49 pm

Oh yes...like you, my requests have been fulfilled long before I learnt about all of this. One of them was that I would marry a chef. I didn't marry a chef, but I married a man who did all the cooking by choice! And that marriage went down the pan in the end (excuse the pun!) Looking back, the Universe delivered what I asked for, but as it ended, was that the right choice? I think most of us create our lives by default. We make whimsical wishes, with not much thought, and dismiss them as easily as that. Because its just a wish, we leave it alone, after all, its only a wish. :wink: Then blow me, one day, your wish turns up. The trouble starts when you learn that you can order, and you set about wishing here there and everywhere...and you wait...and you wait...and you wait...and then you wonder where the wish is...and you wonder what you are doing wrong...did I order right...did I dance naked at dawn when I asked...and so on.

I have always had unwaivering faith that something will always be delivered just at the right time for me. Whenever I've needed money, something always turns up. During my darkest emotional times, something always turns up. I have always known that if you ask, you will recieve, but I'm working on the total unwaivering faith on that element because I get frustrated, like everyone else, that stuff doesn't get delivered in my time frame.

:?: So the question is...is it better to know that we can create what we want, and have the frustration of it at times, or be ignorant and create by default? :?:

What do you reckon folks ? :?:

Ask and you shall receive - always!

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Beitrag von nicola » Di Jun 26, 2007 10:48 pm

Well you know what they say,