Need your practice for acne treatment

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Need your practice for acne treatment

Beitrag von davemitrr » Fr Jan 05, 2007 10:02 am

I have a trouble and I need your advice.
I'm young man. I have a strange kind of acne. Strange because I've tried many methods to clear my skin with no result.
I want find the way to make my skin clear and health.
Does anyone have such problems?
What kind of acne treatment do you use? And what about effectiveness?
Can you suggest me treatment which will be efficient for my skin?
I'm really need your help for it!


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Beitrag von bluejupiter » Fr Jan 05, 2007 10:03 pm

Hey there,

I see you must feel very desperate and I can understand you.
I'm just into learning alternative practitioner. Have you ever thought about your situation as a whole ? In most of the cases, if your skin is in trouble, then your soul might be in trouble, too. In German we have a sentence that says that you cannot defend your own skin. As far as I know there is no such sentence in English - but just think one moment about that.
A first help might be Schüßler Salts - that biochemical. I'd suggest No 4 and 8 as a first step. As a help you can also use the salve No 6. That helps to regenerate your skin.

Hope this was a help for you.

Best regards,
Julia Nastasi
Leistung - Die größte Leistung besteht darin, nicht andere, sondern sich selbst zu übertreffen.

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Beitrag von AllanM » Do Jan 25, 2007 12:15 am

Hi Dave

every teenagers nightmare! - i had it bad when i was younger too. I used to use Clearasil face wash and i also used to fill up a bowl with boiling water, stick a towel over my head and put my face near the bowl and steam my face. The steaming opens the pours in your face (blocked pours cause the acne) and can help clear it up.

Have you tried going to your GP? They may be able to prescribe you with a cream to help.

If you practise cosmic ordering you could always ask the universe for 'health' in what ever part on your body it is at it's worst.

All the best

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Beitrag von 240471 » Fr Jan 26, 2007 5:46 pm

Hi Dave

Sorry I can't offer any help of the medical kind, but for what it's worth, perhaps can help on the cosmic ordering side. When you request help from the universe, ask for clear and perfect skin. If you feel your mind playing over the negativity of your skin condition, try to focus on part of your body where your skin is perfect to counteract the negative feeling. Are you a whizz with photo enhancing. Can you take a pic of yourself and enhance it to show clear skin and look at it at regular intervals throughout the day? The key is to take your focus off the problem as thinking about it attracts more of the same and the condition gets worse. The moment you move your intention to healthy clear skin, the thing that you so want, your thoughts bring \bout that instead.

Hope I helped, but like I said, they're just my ideas for what they are worth.

Ask and you shall receive - always!

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Beitrag von nicola » Fr Feb 02, 2007 12:50 am

Hi Dave

Sorry to hear about your skin problem, whenever my skin is not good (I am an occasional eczema sufferer) I always feel a bit self conscious so I do feel for you. For me it has been suggested that I cut out dairy products from my diet for a short while to see if this helps. Sometimes we can experience bad skin outbreaks from things in our diet. (I am assuming that you have a normal, healthy diet - not too much junk food and lots of vegetables etc?)

Have you tried short periods of eliminating different foods from your diet to see if your problem goes away? Maybe a month for each thing. For example, dont eat dairy for a month, or refined sugar, or flour? If you do decide to do this, make sure you take a multi vitamin supplement so your body does not suffer as a result. And only do one at a time.

This is of course just a suggestion and is NOT medical advice, you need to get that from your doctor.

I used to know a girl who at the age of 15 suddenly developed severe acne. She eventually saw a hypnotherapist which did work for her. However this is an expensive route and may not be what you need at all.

I dont think it could do any harm in the meantime to try and "think" yourself well, following the advice of being positive about yourself and ordering a healthy body, maybe even focusing on your skin becoming clear and glowing. Also imagining how you would look and how you would behave when you feel healthy and well.

Good luck.